The Difference Between Central and Window Air Conditioning Units

The central air conditioner is a non-autonomous system of microclimate control in a premise. If you are thinking about an air conditioner service, you should remember that such a conditioner needs a separate source of both cold and heat. It may be cold water supplied by the chiller, freon from the outside unit with compressor and condenser, or hot water supplied by the heating system or boiler.

In addition, the central air conditioner can purify, humidify and ventilate the air. The prepared air is distributed to the rooms through a network of ducts. The advantage of the central air conditioner is its multitasking, i.e., maintenance of necessary temperature, purity, humidity, and air mobility in the serviced premises. 

The disadvantage of using a central air conditioner – is the complexity of installation, a large network of air ducts, as well as for installation requires a separate room. Structurally, a central air conditioner consists of sections of different purposes, united by a frame made of aluminum panels. The walls of the sections are insulated.

The Main Difference Between These Air Conditioners

Most budget models are able to work only in a cooling mode, and more expensive ones, apart from working on heating, can even be equipped with remote control. Disadvantages of window conditioners are directly connected with the peculiarities of their construction: this is a limited choice of places for installation, only on the outside wall or in a window opening, and increased noise level, which is connected with the fact that a compressor is indoors.

The case of a window conditioner becomes a cold bridge in winter time and contributes to the increase of heat losses of the premise. The main advantages of window conditioners are reliability, simple installation, and low cost, which allows them to keep second place in the world of sales for many years.


Central air conditioners, of course, should be used for servicing large areas – otherwise, the sense of work of these cumbersome systems is lost. But window air conditioners can be installed on any premises. Central ones should work in big spaces and in several smaller separate rooms. In order to use this potential correctly, a conditioner needs a space about a theater hall, a closed stadium, a workshop, an exhibition gallery, and so on.

In case the area is larger than the power of the air-conditioner, it is possible to install several such installations at once. This is not a difficult task at all, as industrial air conditioners, as well as other detailed machines, include standard sections – unified three-dimensional modules; thanks to them, it is possible to adjust functionality and volume of work of mixing, cooling, cleaning, drying, humidifying, moving, airspeed. As a result, it is better to choose a window unit for the home, and for industrial purposes should opt for central units.