The Most Beautifully Designed Video Games of All Time

Some video games are memorable for their gameplay while others are more notable for how pleasing there are on the eye. We take a look at some of the slickest and most beautifully designed video games ever to grace our TV screens and monitors.


Okami was released back in 2006 across multiple consoles, but the 2008 version for the Nintendo was a favorite amongst gamers. The game was set at an unspecified time in classical Japanese history and features many myths and legend from Japanese folklore. It paved the way for artistic impression in video graphics with its brushstroke-style graphics, which stepped off the path to realism that other titles had been following.

The mix of action, platform, and puzzle genre drew comparisons with the famous Legend of Zelda series. The game, in which the player controls the sun goddess in the form of a white wolf, did not sell well on release but drew critical acclaim and is now regarded as a classic.

Never alone

While Okami featured a white wolf, Never Alone featured a woman and her white fox. In the game, the pair must search for the source of the Eternal Blizzard in order to save the world. The game draws influence from Native Alaskan folklore and was produced in collaboration with indigenous people. The game was well-received and was particularly praised for its artistic cartoon-style design as well as its cultural content. Released in 2014, it remains as fresh as ever today.


We felt we should include at least one slot machine on the list. The gaming environment is much more limited on slot titles, so developers really have to get the design right. Players spend a long time looking at the same background and symbols, so you want them to love what they see. One game that gets the tone just right is Starburst. The game’s background shows a magical universe, with stars and galaxies twinkling in the distance. From that universe, precious gems are forged and are used as symbols in the game. Some of them cause spectrums of rainbow light to flow in columns on the screen. Thanks to its design, Starburst manages to remain pleasing on the eye, even after multiple plays. You can play Starburst slot at Aspers Casino to see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

Ori and the Blind Forest

This platform-adventure released in 2015 on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows, and later on the Nintendo Switch in 2019, gives the player control of Ori, a guardian spirit, and Sein, a tree spirit. The game features platform and puzzle-style play and draws influence from The Lion King amongst other classic tales. To complete the game, the player must guide the characters through a series of tasks and adventures to saving the withering forest. The standout feature of the game is the stylistic artwork reminiscent of the James Cameron movie Avatar and musical score which is totally captivating.

Other games that get honorable mentions are Mirror’s Edge and BioShock Infinite. If you are a fan of a beautifully-designed video game, you should certainly check out these classics.