The Most Exciting Asian Casino Destinations

Eastern lifestyle differs from Western to a great extent, attracting tourists by its exotic places and bizarre traditions. For decades now, thousands of people have been visiting Asian countries in search of mental recharge or extraordinary activities. Among other attractions, many Asian countries are well-known as gambling centers. Although it has become much more common for people to use online casino games too. This genesis casino review will give you an insight into why their popularity is on the rise. This doesn’t necessarily mean that these gambling centers have suffered in any way. Let’s take a closer look at three of them. The rise of popularity of online casinos is quickly overtaking physical casino use, with many a online casino site to choose from it can be hard to choose which site you’re happy using. Click here for some comparisons of online casinos that don’t require an account to play. If you’re looking to join an online casino and want the best casino bonus, you should check out Dream Palace Casino for a whole host of slot and table games.


Macau is the second gambling capital of the world after Las Vegas. It has been showing such a rapid growth that it can even take over the American destination soon. It has huge recreational areas designed in keeping with the best traditions of casino resorts. For instance, The Venetian is one of the biggest casinos in the world which includes a luxurious hotel with large pools, stunningly beautiful gambling parlor, and a multi-functional performance venue. Its Grand Canal area is styled in a manner to resemble Venice – this is where the name comes from. Venetian Macau promises complex entertainments which include not only social gambling but also circus shows, concerts, and sporting events. Technically, Macau belongs to China, but thanks to its connections to Europe (it was a Portuguese colony for a long time), it represents an interesting cultural blend. Chinese come here to enjoy legal gambling (an opportunity they won’t have on the mainland), while tourists from the West visit Macau for having fun and being thrilled by unusual to them landscapes and lifestyles. The selection of games is more or less similar to what a typical American casino provides. But here, venues are more focused on baccarat than poker, as well as they are more likely to offer originally Oriental entertainments, such as Sic Bo. Interestingly enough, casinos in Macau often serve tea, not alcohol, as complimentary drinks. The gaming revenue of Macau exponentially grows from one year to another, promising the province to become the number one destination for casino lovers from all over the world.


Japan is another Asian country that is likely to integrate gambling venues with other tourist facilities. There are plans to establish several casino resorts by 2020 to make some regions of the country a must-visit destination for the international public. Japanese people already have their signature gambling game. Foreigners can hardly understand what is pachinko without seeing it firsthand, but it’s an extremely big business that has been making millions of locals practically obsessed with playing. A pachinko game is a machine that combines features from a pinball game and a slot. To win at pachinko, a customer has to be lucky enough to make silver balls fall down the center hole. These machines are generally designed with references to cartoons and produce much noise. They may seem somewhat kitschy to an inexperienced visitor. Pachinko parlors have a long history: they started to gain popularity back in the 1940s. Nowadays, machines are radically improved compared to the first versions. As these games were becoming more innovative, the level of addictiveness among Japanese has been increasing. Residents claim that this game is helpful as a stress-relieving activity and provides an opportunity to zone out of the oppressing working life. Japan’s obsession with technology and lack of other entertainments work perfectly well to make pachinko attractive to masses and lucrative to business owners. Again, while Japan is an attractive place for physical gambling, many of its citizens have taken to the internet, preferring to use sites such as ベラジョン.

More Gambling Destinations

The Asian region has a lot to offer to casino enthusiasts. Macau is the biggest center that is still fast-growing to achieve new levels of success. Its facilities are namely ruled by the Hong Kong-listed company Galaxy Entertainment Group. Philippines and Singapore are also among the leaders in providing casino experiences to tourists. They attract many external investments and strengthen their positions by improving their infrastructure. Large casinos of East Asia with fascinating design concepts are actively conquering the global pop culture: for one, Marina Bay Sands (its three towels were constructed to resemble a card deck) is featured in the film Crazy Rich Asians. Malaysia is another magnetic destination: its largest casino and hotel center (Resorts World) guarantees gorgeous mountain views and bright colors extravaganza. There are also some locations that are likely to become a thing in the gambling industry soon. For example, Vietnam is expected to expand its gaming facilities owing to the new laws that are favorable to casinos’ development. Ho Tram is one of the most famous resorts there which is situated near the famous beach. If you’d prefer to gamble online rather than in person, check out a website like Online casinos are also popular all over the world. For example, Norwegian fans of online gambling can use sites such as to learn more about all the different types of games available. A growing number of Asian countries admit the positive impact of such entertainments on tourism and the economy. It’s likely that Asian casinos will be even strongly linked with the tourism context, creating multi-faceted attractions for both locals and foreigners.