The Style of No Rules; Bohemian Interior Design

Bohemian style is a perfect option to catch vitality and vividness where comfort prevails.

This interior design style breaks each of the design rules that doesn’t force you to follow as others.

Let’s dive into bohemian style, which is a unique combination of imaginative visualty with ethnic lines at the forefront, colors are freed, blended with vintage breezes, far from ordinary, and it is worth to be remembered forever.

Bohemian is actually a way of life. The word ‘Bohem’, known to be of French origin, comes from the ‘boheme’. It has come as far as today as an extract from the words nomads, hobo and artist. French artists were influenced by the lifestyle and independent stance of the nomads in the 19th century; They argued that their artists should adopt this lifestyle.

Bohemian style has also found great repercussions in fashion and decoration over time. Bohemian, considered a timeless style, has always attracted great attention from past to today.

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Here are the tips to create an original bohemian style in your home…

Colors and patterns

In order to create a bohemian look in your home, first increasing the base of the design with more neutral colors and then catching atmosphere with colors and patterns will allow you to compose a more peaceful environment by removing the complexity and thus a longer-lasting interior.

To originate more lean and neat ambiance, you can reflect a more natural and serene home by enhancing design elements such as plants, leather, and fur to a house furnished in white.

Vintage breezes are indispensable for the bohemian

Furniture must look like it lived a life before it came to your home, because it would never accept bohemian style from an image popped out of furniture stores. The pieces of furniture chosen in pieces rather than sets reflect this spirit better. A vintage coffee table or a chair from an elders would be a beautiful part of your bohemian home.

Antique shops are the best place to get help to adopt and implement it.

Patterned rugs and carpets

Patterned rugs that will appeal to the free spirit of Bohem are perhaps the most successful decoration item of the style. You can reflect it in your home by putting rugs of different patterns and colors, even different sizes, side by side and sometimes on top of each other, without seeking harmony.

Make room for plants

Embracing the natural world is central to Bohemians. Plants are essential for the style. Plants, cacti and succulents, which are indispensable recently, in pots made of macrame yarn, are both perfectly suited and are good cost-effective design elements.

Pillows and cushions are everywhere

A sofa decorated with pillows of different sizes and styles is a good starting point to reflect this style in your home. You can also create a warm floor seating area with floor cushions.

Floor cushions are a good design element that appeals to the free spirit of the bohemian.

Accessories should tell the story

Trinkets, frames, family heirlooms, handmade products and all the decorative items you buy from the places you have visited for years will help you a lot in reflecting the bohemian style. You can feel this atmosphere in your home without hesitating to exhibit all of them openly, and without being strict about the placement. But the bohemian home decor should not resemble a hoarder’s home. In short, everything must have a place and a purpose.

Lighting is an essential element in a bohemian style. You can support the general lighting of the room with more than one lantern, candle and table lamps.

Tassels are also a good way to reflect this style. You can use it in many places, from curtains to pillows, from armchairs to lampshades. Feel free to combine different materials in bohemian style. As long as you catch the harmony, you can combine burlap, which is a more natural material, with silk.

Although this style may seem very complicated at first, you will notice the peace and comfort in living spaces later on.