Three Reasons Why A Small Leak In Your Home Should Not Be Ignored

Many of us are guilty of postponing repairs such as small leaks, rationalizing that the problem appears to be minor and you will deal with it at a later stage. Many of us think that a small leak cannot really cause any damage. Water leaks may be an easy repair to overlook or to postpone for the moment, however this is an issue that could become substantially worse if not addressed as soon as possible. In the world of plumbing, a water leak is considered a severe issue. Unfortunately, many homeowners are unaware of this. They think that a small issue like this will eventually go away or take care of itself, and this is not true. Water leaks must never be ignored, and this is why:

Water Is The Silent Destroyer

With time, a small water leak will eventually start eating away at the walls, floor and pretty much everything else that crosses its path.

This happens gradually over the course of a few months. The more water is added, the worse the damage will become. This is especially true if one is unaware of the leak and does not clean it up from time to time.

Mold Is Not An Issue To Ignore, And The Primary Suspect Is Moisture

Small leaks can eventually lead to mold and related problems quickly. Mold can result in health issues for everyone living in the home. Besides that, it could make it difficult for you if you’re looking to sell your home later. Prospective buyers will not consider a home if it has mold issues, since no one wants to stay in a home that has mold. Not only can it impact your health, but it is an expensive issue to repair. If you see any visible signs of mold it’s best to call a reliable plumber such as All Service Plumbing to address the issue, sooner rather than later.

A Leaking Pipe

Whenever you turn the water faucet on and the water pressure doesn’t feel right, there is usually a cause for the problem. Small leaks can lead to severe issues, like a burst pipe. If you suspect you might have a like, its best to call a plumber to do an assessment. Once they found the issue, they can provide the appropriate solution. What may appear like a harmless leak can eventually become a plumbing emergency. It might seem like a small leak will not put too much pressure on your water pipe, the cumulative impact of the leak can. The ongoing low of water through a tiny hole in the pipe can slowly chip away at the pipe. The continuous pressure will push at the hole incessantly, until the hole becomes bigger and reaches its breaking point. This typically result in a burst pipe, which is the last thing a homeowner need. That is why its essential to address any leaks in your home as quickly as possible, even if they seem like a minor issue.

The longer you wait, the more extensive the damage will be and the more expensive the repair will be.