Timeless Styles to Check Out this 2023

Timeless style is often seen as the antithesis of fashion, but that is not really true. It is just the opposite of throwaway ‘fast’ fashion.

The key point is that timeless styles are never truly out of fashion.  They are vintage and modern at the same time and you can always fall back on them.

This article will be looking at some examples of that for both sexes, including the little black dress and the t-shirt/shorts combo.

For Men

T-shirt and shorts

If matched together well, this is a summer clothing choice that always looks great. Pairing stylish shorts with a designer t-shirt that fits properly will keep a man cool and keep him looking cool.

The aim is to pick shorts and tops that complement the personality and boost the confidence. For instance, for a quiet person, making subtle use of primary colors will draw attention.

Black jeans 

This is an ageless choice that dates back to the 1960s and works well for older and younger men. Black jeans go with any kind of top, from shirt to t-shirt or sweater, so they are highly adaptable.

Tailored suit

No man has ever looked bad in a well tailored suit. Opting for this rather than off-the-peg will guarantee a good fit.

Although suits have been around forever, stylish tailored ones only really became a thing when stars like Michael Caine popularized them in the 1960s. They are perfect for everything from nights out on the town to a date and will make a man feel super cool.


A blazer is at the heart of the smart casual look for men. It will look right on top of either a shirt or a sweater and is a timeless wardrobe staple. It dates back to the late 19th century, but became a lasting part of male style thanks to the Mod movement in the mid-1960s.

Blazers should always be a contrasting color to the trousers though.

Turtleneck sweater

Turtlenecks enjoyed their initial fashion peak in the beatnik 1950s, but never went away because they look fantastic. A well-fitting one will lengthen the face and looks classy with a pair of chinos and a jacket over the top.

For Women

Little black dress

If any one item can be called timeless it is this. Made popular by actress Audrey Hepburn in the 1950s, it always looks spectacular and works for anything from a date to a party or a formal event.


Jeans have been as standard a style choice for women as for men since the 1970s. To achieve that timeless look they should fit closely.

Well fitting jeans look great and through that make a woman feel great too.

Breton shirt

This cute striped French top became a thing in the 1960s and many women still love it. It is classy but casual at the same time and there are sizes to fit almost any woman. 

It is ideal for work or social events.

Wrap dress

Diane von Furstenberg was the woman who introduced the wrap dress to the world. They come with different patterns and colors, so there is a version for formal and social occasions.

They also work equally well with heels or flat shoes and look good on most women.

Cloche hat

This is a perennially stylish hat for a woman. It first appeared during the 1920s and still conjures up the era of fast-living flappers.

It was invented in France and the name translates as ‘bell’ which it closely resembles in shape. The cloche is a feminine choice and one that helps to soften other parts of an outfit like skirts or dresses.

The benefit of timeless looks like these is that you never risk finding yourself out of style, which is always the danger with more transient fashion. Any of them will work at any time.