Tips For Buying From Unique Brands From Home

Buying unique gifts for loved ones this Christmas might seem like a tricky task with so much on the market, but there are some ‘websites’ who are dedicated to sharing a variety of high quality, unique British gifts, which means you can easily find something special for family and friends. The rate of online shopping has grown enormously in the past year, with online purchases making up 22.3% of all sales, and thanks to COVID-19 it is likely that most will be avoiding busy shopping centers this winter. 

Now more than ever, it is important to shop locally to support small businesses, so perhaps this year, consider buying british made gifts, rather than importing from abroad, and support the british economy. But, what is the best way to buy these exclusive products?

Consider who you’re buying for

Perhaps the most important part about buying a gift for another is knowing what they enjoy in life and researching products in line with their interests. If you are browsing on behalf of a gentleman who is partial to a special tipple, he might be pleasantly surprised by a ‘Pewter hip flask’. If you are searching on behalf of a lady who takes pleasure in caring for her hair, one of the finest ‘natural bristle hair brushes’ might make her day. 

Account for time

Many companies who supply unique gifts may work with a longer time scale, due to the bespoke nature of their products. Many items of this type may require personalisation or production in a very detailed fashion, which could take weeks in some cases. Hours, days or even weeks of work are put into unique british gifts, and the product is often the business owners pride and joy, so you can be sure to receive a high quality item. For example, Penelope Cream hand knit each of their ties, a process which takes several days, not to mention sourcing the finest wool from across Europe before production can begin. 

Research the brand

Unique brands are often quite small and will each have their own ethos and principles which should be shown throughout their website. It will become apparent, after reading about the company, whether they offer something that your loved one will appreciate. Review the ‘About us’ section to find out how the products are made, do they use locally sourced materials or import them from elsewhere? The best unique and high quality gifts are often handmade in the U.K, and there are several websites that offer a selection of ‘British made gifts’ to save you time. 

Ultimately, finding the perfect gift is an eternal task as each of our wants and needs change day by day, but sharing a thoughtful, sentimental gift with someone is a moment remembered forever

The Difference Between Practical and Presents

Some of the most appreciated gifts are the ones that fulfil a purpose or need, however these are often overlooked because you don’t want to buy something someone ‘needs’ but rather, ‘wants’. The best tip for getting something helpful without it being ‘boring’ is to buy quality wherever you can. For example, if your recipient needs notebooks for school or work, buy something leather and lovely, made from premium quality materials. It’s an upgrade on what they would buy themselves but is also exactly what they need.