Tips for Keeping Your Log Home Cabin Warm and Cosy in Winter

Are you a log cabin owner who is looking to stay warm and cosy this winter? If so with the colder temperatures on the way, now is the time to prepare your log cabin. 

It’s that time of year again; cold weather is here and we are all thinking about how to keep our log cabins warm.

One of the great things about a log home is how warm and cosy it feels in winter. That said, of course, there are many factors that can affect how warm you feel in your log home during the colder months. Here are some top tips to help keep your log home warm in winter.

Seal gaps and cracks in the walls and flooring

If you’ve ever had to put on a sweater to stay warm in winter, chances are it’s because of air leaking into your log home from gaps and cracks you haven’t sealed. In a log home or any other structure, the cracks and gaps around the windows and doors are major energy drains.

Homes are up against a lot of relentless enemies; the sun, rain and snow none of which buy into the idea that ‘your home is your castle’. It’s not uncommon for rain, wind and snow to seep through cracks and gaps in exterior walls, sometimes emitting a cold draft into the living area. It happens year after year until it’s fixed. In addition to keeping moisture out of your home, effective insulation helps maintain consistent interior temperatures even with drastic

However, before you attempt a DIY, you may want to first reach out to your log home constructors for expert advice and assistance on sealing any gaps and cracks to ensure you stay cosy and warm in winter.

Let in a stream of sunlight

Turn your window openings into a source of heat that helps keep you warm in winter. Let the sun flood into your log cabin home to keep it warm all winter long.

This might feel counterproductive on chilly days as all you want to do is to heat the home and keep the cold out, but doing this will ensure your log cabin is kept warm and cosy. 

The sun is the enemy of cold. Light is a free, abundant resource that can heat your home not only on sunny days but in overcast conditions too.

Install double-glazed windows

Heating and cooling your log home can be expensive, but especially in the winter, it’s critical to make sure you have window insulation that works. Double glazing is an efficient window option for homes with small windows like a log home. The two panes of glass are separated by a thin layer of gas, reducing heat loss or gain in any direction, while also blocking outside noise to create a more comfortable living environment.

Double-glazed windows will help keep out those chilly nights, reduce condensation inside and keep the heat in. Not to mention how much more beautiful your log home will become by installing new double glazing windows.

Floor your home with plenty of soft, cushiony rugs

A fluffy rug is more important than one would probably think. The problems that can be caused by a cold floor in your home, in the bathroom or even in the bedroom are many. Fluffy rugs, loose blankets and soft throws are great ways to keep your floors warm without heating the whole area. 

Decorate with plenty of soft, cushiony rugs to keep your log home cabin warm in winter because they add a welcoming and cosy touch that spreads warmth into your homes. Rugs are like icing on the cake, they finish the room. The right rug can make all the difference to a room. Do not underestimate the power of a rug. they really can change everything.

Properly insulate your log cabin

To keep your log cabin home cosy and warm in winter, you need to properly insulate it. A log cabin home stays cosy when you insulate it to keep it warm in winter. 

Proper insulation can make the difference between a cold and drafty log cabin during the winter months and a warm, cosy, well-ventilated home in the winter. 

Keep your bedroom doors shut

Relentless cold? Can’t seem to get warm at night, leading to long, gruelling mornings? Often the culprit: drafty windows and doors. Log homes are not immune to this problem.

The reason to keep bedroom doors shut is simple. It helps keep warm air in the living space by providing a barricade through which hot air may escape. This forces the heating system to work harder to maintain the required temperature in other parts of the house, making it an effective way to reduce the cost of heating your log cabin during winter.


  • When the door is open it allows cold air to rush into the room, and if there is already a draft in the house, it will make it worse. 
  • It also adds air to the fireplace so that the logs don’t burn as efficiently.
  • The main reason it can keep the room warm is by not allowing cold air to come in from the outside.


Log homes are some of the most desirable properties on the market today. They’re extremely appealing to people wanting a touch of rustic charm but also for those who want their place to “feel big” even though it’s on a small plot. And don’t forget to protect your precious investment and possessions with a good cover policy from credible providers such as State Insurance.

The last thing you want to worry about is your house freezing on you. Plan ahead for cold winters and keep it from happening. 

Preparation is the key for becoming more comfortable in your log cabin in winter. The outdoors offers many kinds of surprises, from the changing weather to pests and wildlife. To make sure your home stays warm, healthy and safe all season long, keep these tips in mind.