Tips for Planning your Wedding Ceremony

If you’ve already started planning your wedding ceremony, it’s not surprising that you ended up on the Internet trying to find tips about it. It’s not strange, because it’s one of those things that seem to be dull and straightforward, but the more you start to think about it, the harder it becomes.

Some people decide to avoid the stress that comes with planning, and they simply hire professional wedding planners. It’s an option that you can consider, but be sure that you’ll end up paying much more. It’s going to be much cheaper when you organize it yourself. Use the tips from this article to make this complicated task easy and pleasant.

Create a Budget

It’s the very first and likely the most crucial thing that you’ll have to do. Unfortunately, planning the budget is not as easy as you might think it is. Once you sum up all the expected expenses, you’ll know how much money in total you’ll need. Of course, it’s only an approximate amount, that’s why it’s good to have 10% more, just for unexpected expenses.

Now that you did it assess how much savings you currently have, and how much you can save in the nearest future. If you’re afraid that you might be too short on cash, then ask your parents if they could help you financially. Unfortunately, the majority of people can’t afford to cover wedding costs. Some people decide to take a loan, which might also be a reasonable solution. Of course, not all loans are right for you. You should avoid payday lenders, but bank loans aren’t the best idea either. It’s best if you look for personal loans that are fast and easy to pay off. Once you’re sure that you’ll have enough money to cover all the wedding expenses, it’s time to start the planning.

Meet your Officiant

This is one of the most important people at a wedding ceremony. He’s the one who’s performing the ceremony, and it would be good if you feel comfortable with him. It’s not a stupid idea to go for premarital counseling and talk to him. It’ll make you feel less stressed during the ceremony, so it’s good to meet him ahead of time.

Make a Guest List

Although it seems like no brainer, it might be one of the hardest parts of planning. Obviously, you have to invite your family’s closest members and all good friends. But, once you start making a guest list, you’ll be surprised how long it’s gonna be. If you’re on a budget, you might even be forced to select who not to invite to. Making cuts might be hard or even lead to conflicts. If your guest list can’t be too long, it’s a good idea not to invite any children at all, so all the closest to you people will get an invitation.

Bridal Style

It’s going to be a truly unique day. That’s why you have to look phenomenally. Look for inspiration and start researching. You’ll have a lot of fun, and you’ll undoubtedly love tens of wedding dresses, but on this day you can only have one, so always follow your heart.

Set a date and book Wedding Vendors

Think about where you’d like to have a wedding. Currently, the most popular months are June and September. But don’t feel influenced by what other people do. It’s going to be your day, and you’re the one who knows what’s best. A lot of people decide to go for summer months, because it’s warm outside, and the chance that rain will destroy your day is very slim. However, weddings during the spring or autumn months can be very magical. Imagine yourself walking down the aisle when golden leaves around you are falling. You’ll feel like a hero from a Disney movie.

Also, don’t forget about wedding vendors. You’re going to need a photographer, florist, and a good wedding MC. But, don’t book the first one that you meet. There’s no need to rush, just find a few, check out their offer, and ask how much they ask for the service. Then you can compare their offer, and choose the most affordable one.

Salary for wedding vendors is one thing, but you should also say thank you to the guests. Don’t forget to prepare some kind of smaller gifts for your family members and friends at the wedding party. Those who played a significant role in your wedding, and helped you with preparations truly care about you. Make sure to thank them genuinely.

Sign the Marriage License

Thinking of all the details is time-consuming, and might make you forget about something fundamental – marriage license. Don’t forget to find some time to get it. Gather all the necessary documents, so that when you need them, they will be at hand.

Wedding ceremonies consist of hundreds of little things. It’s very easy to overlook something important. Start with the things listed in the article, and then other, less important things will naturally come to your mind.