Tips for Taking Care of Over Bleached Hair at Home

Bleaching your Hair

For bleaching your hair, go to a good hair salon. But having said that, it’s true that many of us face financial constraints. We want to look fabulous, but we mightn’t have the cash for a good colourist or hairdresser. The truth is that you can learn how to bleach your hair properly. There are certain instructions to follow. Once you follow the correct steps for bleaching your hair, you should be fine.

Hair Bleach

A vital instruction is to use good quality hair bleach. You must know your products. Buy a hair bleaching kit from a good beauty supplies shop. When it comes to hair bleach, your hair deserves the best. Search online for a good product. You could ask your local hairdresser. He or she should be happy to guide you in this matter.

Over Bleached Hair

If things go wrong, you could end up with over-bleached hair. In your efforts to turn blonde, you might have left the bleach in too long. It’s a good time to mention that when timing how long to keep in the bleach, set a timer. Everyone has one on their mobile. Don’t watch the clock. You’ll either be chatting with your friends and having a bit of fun (you wanted a bit of company for your bleaching party, right?). Or you’ll be watching TV or reading a magazine. You’ll forget to watch the clock and go way over time. That’s how must of these mistakes happen. However, if you end up with over-bleached hair, there are tips for handling this at home.

  • Always use conditioner whenever you bleach or wash your bleached hair. Buy the best quality conditioner you can afford. Buy one which is formulated for treating coloured hair.
  • Over bleaching makes your hair rough like straw, Treat it gently. Don’t use shampoo for at least one week. When you use shampoo, please buy one which doesn’t contain the ingredient ‘sodium lauryl sulfate’. This dries out the hair. Shampoo no more than once a week and use a conditioner every time.
  • Use a weekly hot oil treatment of Extra Virgin Olive Oil or coconut oil. Warm it a little and massage it into your scalp and through your hair with your fingertips. Tie up your hair, cover it with a shower cap and clean your house. After a few hours, wash and condition your hair.

Blonde suits everybody. But every blonde shade doesn’t suit everybody. There are different tones of blonde. We have dark blonde, light blonde and ash blonde. If you want dark blonde, it’s better to leave on the bleach for a short time. Leave it on for longer if you want the lightest possible shade. Otherwise, buy a good quality blonde hair dye in your desired shade. There are many dyes available for different tones of blonde.