Tips on How to Sustainably Wrap Christmas Gifts

Go green this Christmas with eco-friendly alternatives to traditional gift wrapping. While Christmas is all about adding some glitter, it’s time to go environment-friendly. Say no to glitter, plastics, and other synthetic decorations. Christmas can often turn to be a nightmare for our environment and add more to the consumption of plastics.

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Christmas gifts create piles of packaging, the majority of which can’t be recycled. The UK alone generates wrapping paper that can circle the globe about 10 times. Let’s reduce waste this year by looking for greener alternatives to synthetics gift wraps. You can still be creative while cutting down on plastics. 

Here are the ways to do them, compiled by Betway online casino.

Fabric Gift Wrap

Ever thought about how cute fabrics can form a part of your gift wrap? Use scrap fabrics to beautifully decorate your gifts. You can also buy furoshiki cloth to make your gift look more unique and aesthetic.

If you have any vintage scarf, tea towel, or colourful cloth, it’s time you used it to wrap your Christmas gifts. You will also find a variety of fabric gift wraps available in the market.

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Your newspaper can add more value to your life than heading into the bin. Use newspapers as a gift wrapper this Christmas to make it look more vintage and custom. Add some bows and you are good to go.

Recycled Paper

Look past the plastic-coated gift wraps this Christmas and opt for recycled papers. You will find a vast selection of such papers in the local supermarket. These papers are fully recyclable and made from recycled stock. Recycle papers use vegetable-based colours instead of synthetic ones. 


Don’t throw away paper bags that you get while shopping for Christmas. Remove the handles and upcycle the paper bags to reduce wastage. You can also reuse other boxes and bags during Christmas.

You can use old gift papers and reuse them by adding some element of surprise. Use your gift wraps, again and again, to cut down on wastages. You can also craft your own gift wrap and create something unique.

Say No to Plastic Tapes

If you wish to keep the environment safe this Christmas, you should also refrain from plastic tapes. Opt for paper or twine tapes as these are easily recyclable. You can find many craft shops that sell such eco-friendly tapes.

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Opt for Drawn-on Bows

Ribbons often end up in the bin once Christmas gets over. To decorate your gifts sustainably, you can use coloured pens to draw bows on them. Use a light-coloured gift wrap and scribble on some cute bow designs.

Foraged Trimmings

Use trimmings from nature to make your gift wrap more impressive. Nature trimmings are a sustainable way of decorating your Christmas presents. You can cut out a few innocuous branches from your fir, spruce, or pine trees. Pair them up with pastel shades or brown-coloured gift wraps. You can also forage trimmings from your local park or garden. Dried leaves can also look good on Christmas presents. 

Final Thoughts

The goal is to create sustainable gift wraps this Christmas. Use eco-friendly supplies like fabric and drawstring pouches that can be used multiple times. Make way for old newspapers and ditch plastics to make your environment greener. You must refrain more from wastage and opt for easily recyclable gift wraps.