Tips to Fix a Clogged Toilet Without a Plunger

Clogged toilets are quite gross and unhygienic. If your toilet ever gets clogged, it is advisable that you get it cleaned out sooner than later. Frankly, the waiting out trick isn’t going to work if the toilet has been stuffed with trash rather than human waste.

In an emergency situation, if you don’t have a plunger at hand, you may feel stuck in a mess.

Looking for alternatives to get the toilet running? You have hit the right page! We have some awesome tips for quickly cleaning the toilet without a plunger.

Of course, if none of these tricks work for you, or the situation has gone out of hand, it is advisable that you call for emergency toilet repair services.

Press flush one more time

Okay, so you flushed once, but the waste won’t budge. Flushing again, may sound obvious and you might have already done that in frustration. But tell you what, sometimes the problem lies in a weak flush. As such, when you press the flush lightly or only halfway, the waste may not cross past the toilet trap fully but remains lodged there.

So now, press the flush completely and hold the pressure for some time. This will release the water with more power pushing the blockage clear.

Flush with a bucket of warm water

If a bucket full of warm water is thrown forcefully down the toilet, it is likely that the blockage will move out of the way. It is important to raise the bucket a little higher over the toilet and release water at a slow speed.

Before you get hold of the bucket, let’s warn you. Do not use this trick if the toilet is already overflowing or filled up to the brim.

Use soap

Instead of using just warm water for flushing, you could add some dish-washing soap which will serve as a lubricant for sliding the blocked mass through the drain.

You need to squirt some liquid soap in the toilet first and let the contents soak in it for a while. Then follow on with the hot water bucket. Give a final press on the flush lever, and the toilet should get cleared.

Baking Soda and Vinegar solution

Baking soda and vinegar solution is a wonderful cleaning hack that comes about useful, no matter how impossible the task looks. This simple home science trick does wonders for the clogged toilet too.

All you need to do is to prepare a mixture with half a cup of baking soda to two cups of vinegar. Pour this down the toilet and most of the clog will dissolve in a couple of hours.

Wire Hanger trick

This little DIY technique is actually an adaptation of the drain snake you must have seen a plumber use often. We must caution you here, that this method requires you to get a bit close to the toilet and its muck.

This technique works best if you have tissue or other objects stuck in the toilet. Straighten the wire hanger and apply some scotch tape at one end, so that you don’t scratch the toilet porcelain as you work your way through. Lower the wire hanger down the toilet and work in an up and down motion to push the clog.

Create water pressure

You could use the action of an empty plastic water bottle to create pressure and release the clog. Besides a 2-litre plastic water bottle, you will also need gloves to protect your hands. Fill up the bottle completely with water and hold its mouth shut with your thumb, push the bottle’s mouth all the way down to the toilet’s bottom. Once the bottle is at the position, release the mouth and squeeze the bottle. This force should displace any clog and clear the drain.