Top 3 Home Renovations That You Should Consider

Home renovations are highly popular among homeowners. They allow you to customize your home, according to your personal needs. But, one of the greatest advantages is that it will raise the market value of your home. If you plan to sell your home in the near future, this is a good option. You can consider the renovation both as an investment, and a way to make your life more comfortable.

Which are the top popular home renovations? We review them for you, together with their advantages.

Kitchen remodeling

Whether you want to own a sleek kitchen or just increase the value of your home, consider doing a kitchen remodeling. However, if you plan to live in your home longer, make sure that you invest in something that you will really love. Consider high quality and timeless designs if this is the home that you will live in for the next 10 years. If you plan to sell your home within the next 3 years, don’t invest so much.

Keep in mind that the whole project is time-consuming. On average, it takes from 6 to 8 weeks for the project to be completed. It will take more time if you have a larger kitchen.

Make sure that you have clear expectations on your remodeling project. For example, if you plan to extend your kitchen, know the limits. The utility risers might be an obstacle when it comes to removing walls.

Home extension

The home extension cost depends on a few factors, such as size, location, and specification. People prefer them because they give you freedom. Whether you want a new room or some extra space in your home, be sure that a home extension will add additional value to your home.

Sometimes, you might find your home too small for you. When finding a new home isn’t your option, try with a home extension. Plus, you can customize it according to your family’s needs. If you plan to sell your home one day, be sure that it will raise its market price too.

Bathroom remodeling

Bathroom remodeling projects are the most popular. Since the space is small, it won’t take as much effort and money as a kitchen remodeling. This is a great option if you want to quickly increase the value of your home.

Before you even start, it is very important to determine your budget. Keep in mind that there can be unexpected costs, so make sure that the budget can cover them too. An average remodeling project may take somewhere between 1 and 3 months.

When planning the overall look, make sure that you consider the following:

  • Avoid dark colors for small bathrooms. Light colors will make the space larger and airier.
  • Avoid solid wood floors. Go for more durable options such as vinyl flooring, ceramic or porcelain tiles, or other options that look modern.
  • Add proper lighting to make your daily tasks easier. You can also add task lighting around the mirror.