Top 4 Van Accessories for Your Next Adventure

Nothing quite comes close to the experience of freedom you get from adventuring out on the open road. Whether you are a meticulous planner, or more a fly by the seat of your pants kind of adventurer, hitting the road for your next grand adventure has so much to offer. The unexpected is always within reach because you never know exactly what to expect as all the miles melt by. 

When it comes to enjoying the open road, there are few ways as satisfying and intimate as the van lifestyle. Yes, you can take your personal car, but the truth is long road trips in even spacious models can still feel cramped. There’s also the 5th wheel method and you can grab a camper and have a mini-home on wheels. This is an awesome way to experience a road trip, but it’s not as personal an experience as the van. 

Van life offers the perfect hybrid of personal, intimate road experience, and spacious comfort that will help you go the distance. When it comes to outfitting your van with the tools you need to have the best adventure possible, there are a lot of things to consider. The whole point of using a van for your adventures is to experience that special, hybrid style of adventuring that’s somewhere between the 5th wheel and personal vehicle. So finding tools that help to enhance the journey as well as the destination is important. 

If you have been looking for the best sprinter van accessories, here is everything you need to know!  

It’s About The Journey

When it comes to finding the best accessories for your sprinter van, you have to think about two very important parts of your adventure – the journey and the destination. Both are important and both can be impacted in a big way through the right kinds of accessories. If you are looking for ways to improve the journey, here are some of the must-have accessories that will transform your time in your sprinter van. 

Totalcool Portable Air Cooler  

This is a great way to help you stay cool during some of the hottest seasons of the year, especially if you decide to brave the warmest areas. If you plan on exploring the arches of Utah, the sands of Arizona, or even the coastline of southern California, having a little extra cooling comfort never hurts. 

Even if your sprinter van comes with a great AC system, the truth is that it’s a lot of room to keep cool, and when it’s upwards of 90 or 100 degrees, every bit helps. This plug-and-play portable cooler is perfect to turn on during the heat of the day when your van is getting blasted by the summer sun. With a little extra help from a portable cooler, your summer adventuring will feel better than it ever has. 

Never Run Out of Storage 

This is an accessory that will impact both sides of your adventure in big ways. The upper cabinet, built for sprinter vans is easy to install and adds on a spacious 48” cabinet that can drastically expand your storage. This means you don’t have to say goodbye to your favorite roadside items, everything from snacks, food, and emergency equipment can all be stored with ease. This is an important tool for the serious van adventurer because one of the charms of a van is that it’s not too big, but it’s also a challenge when it comes to taking everything you need. 

Expand your storage and never look back with a Sprinter Van cabinet. 

Best Accessories For the Destination

Once you are at the destination, the good thing is you already have all of your equipment, gear, clothes, and food because you packed your Sprinter van accordingly, so what accessories can still help make an improvement?

Springer Rear Ladder

When you are loading up your van for the adventure or getting your equipment off of it, this ladder is a lifesaver. Easy to install, and extremely reliable, it will make accessing all of your roof-stored equipment a breeze. If you don’t have a dependable rear ladder, then this is an accessory you should priportize. 


Finding an awning that works with your sprinter van can turn your van into an oasis at the destination. Easy to use, and capable of bringing some serious comfort to your day, using a portable awning. Go out and explore the world around you, hike, swim, hit the town, and then come back to your sprinter van in the evening and relax under the shade of your awning. With the portable air conditioner to help keep you cool and all of your stored equipment, this can become the best way to wind down at the end of a great day.