Top 5 iOS Apps for Packaging Design

Have you ever been tempted to try a new chocolate or cheese brand because of the vibrant cheese packaging design or the colorful chocolate wrapper? Most of us are instantly drawn to amazing food products or fashion accessories in select outlets primarily due to the attention-grabbing and eye-catching covers they are packaged in. An example of this is ePac flexible packaging, which we notice on many food brands. Manufacturers use this creative package design to drive brand awareness. Already got a packaging design in mind but want to print your own custom setup boxes and bags? Head to to learn more about cardboard box label printing and other commercial printing solutions. As for today, we will talk about 5 best iOS apps for packaging design that you can use to augment your brand’s awareness.

Doodle Buddy

A free app for graphics and package design experts, you can use this to create, edit and customize an innovative cover for your company’s product. If you have a flair for painting, doodling or sketching, install this now. It includes an interactive user interface providing more than 44,000 colors including a chalk, glitter pen, paintbrush and a texting area with a stencil to work up a nice freehand drawing or anything you want.


Another free app, you can use Repix to generate visually appealing packaging for your brand. Crafted by Sumoing Ltd, this is more like a photo editing tool offering you the flexibility to transform pallid images or pictures into awe-inspiring pieces of art. The menu includes options for adding filters, incorporating dynamic effects, enhancing image quality and a slew of impressive tools like nine different brushes, a pencil, and an eraser among others.


Developed by CHROMAom, this free app includes a vast community of almost 750,000 members who help you channel your creative imagination effectively through inspiration and sharing ideas. The iOS app itself includes an interactive user interface with a variety of tools to design your striking artwork and show it to the world. It also includes LiveSchemes, which allow amateur & experienced graphics experts to generate fascinating designs for packaging and creating your brand image.


Developed by Lucky Clan, this free iOS app allows you to paint, draw, edit photos and create stunning sketches & drawings. The app has been built on a special & comprehensive graphics engine leveraged by an accompanying user interface that is both easy to use and profound. The app includes a nice array of options such as 40 available filters, 150 high-quality brushes, 16 tools, layer options, and a comprehensive working area.


Find a great resource online for packaging design inspiration if you are about to start creating artwork on Fuzel. Developed by Not A Basement Studio JSC, it is a brilliant tool for turning your ordinary images into ready-to-be used packaging art that will have customers swooning over the product. The interface offers a plethora of options for design such as customizing your watermark, adding stickers, patterns, effects, labels & frames to images, creating animated collages, and adding music & lively transitions.