Top 9 tankless water heaters for 2022

These days, it feels like everyone has a tankless water heater. The attraction is not that difficult to understand. These devices provide unlimited hot water instantaneously, making them far more convenient than their tanked counterparts.

Some people do not like them on account of the fact that they’re unreliable. But this criticism is often misplaced. These appliances only fail when you buy the wrong model.

The quality matters. Hence, avoid inexpensive, low-quality items if you don’t want a tankless heater to disappoint you.

To find the right appliance, you must consider several factors, including the price, fuel source, and capacity. If you don’t know where to find decent tankless heaters, consider the following:

Navien NPE 240S

This is a long-lasting product with a durable construction that includes stainless steel heating elements. Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion, which is why you can trust the heating elements to stand the test of time. The heater is highly efficient, boasting an energy factor of 0.97.

It consumes 199990BTU, which is decent. While the 2-inch PVC venting permits the gas to flow smoothly through the vents, the ½-inch gas pipe expedites the heater’s operations. The heater is efficient enough to accommodate the needs of multiple faucets.

EcoSmart Eco 18

This is the perfect electric heater for small home sand apartments, boasting advanced EcoSmart technology that saves energy by only drawing electricity to heat the water you need.

Like other tankless heaters, this one doesn’t consume much in the way of space. The appliance, which is 90 percent smaller than a tanked heater, is easy to mount.

The device, which has an activation flow of 0.3GPM, comes with a lifetime warranty (for residential consumers). The body is solid and durable, and it can provide as much as 4.3 gallons a minute.

EcoSmart Eco 27

This is another efficient heater. Unlike the previous pick, this one works in small and medium-sized houses. It is less likely to disappoint if your demands for hot water are low. You can use the digital display to set the temperature (80 to 140 degrees F). The compact size allows the heater to fit in small spaces.

Many components are copper and stainless steel, materials that resist corrosion and high temperatures. The appliance promises energy savings of 50 percent or more in the right hands. You can expect a flow rate of up to three gallons per minute.

Eco Touch 240V Electric Heater

This appliance uses a 5.5KW heating system to give you water on demand. The temperature can climb to 116 degrees F in very little time. You don’t have to wait long to shower hot water.

The heater will make adjustments to the electrical input in response to factors like the flow rate. This allows the appliance to provide significant energy savings. You can set the temperature and adjust the settings using the touch control panel.

The manufacturer provided a remote control that simplifies the process of adjusting the settings. In addition, the body is sleek, durable, and compact enough to fit in locations with limited space.

Steibel Eltron Tempra 24 Plus

This electric appliance has a ‘Minimum flow to activate’ of 0.50GPM and a maximum flow rate of 4.68GPM. The heater’s most unique attribute is its quiet operations. Because it lacks mechanical switches and the electronic parts do not vibrate, you can shower without annoying the inhabitants of your home.

The Tempra advanced flow control keeps the temperature stable by adjusting the flow rate instead of producing cold water to reduce the heat.

Rinnai V65iN Heater

The compact design makes this heater a must-have for homeowners with limited space. If you have the skill and experience, you can install the model yourself. Otherwise, leave it in the hands of a professional if you want the best results.

You can trust the appliance to conserve energy because it only draws the amount of electricity it needs to heat the water to your specified temperature. Expect a hot water flow rate of 6.5GPM. The people who use it have found that it lasts twice as long as other tankless heaters. Therefore, you can buy the model knowing it is a long-term investment.

Bosch Tronic 3000 T

This is an excellent tankless heater for people with limited financial strength. However, if you can’t afford the high-end options but still want a high-quality heater, the Bosch Tronic 3000 is as good an alternative as any.

First of all, it is pretty small, which appeals to people in small apartments. You can even fit the heater under the sink because of its compact design. If you need hot water outside, you can mount the appliance in any exterior location that suits your needs.

This isn’t necessarily the best heater, but it gets the job done. At the very least, you can trust it to maintain temperatures of 65 to 145 degrees F.

Rheem RTEX-18

This is a 24KW 5.9GPM appliance with a LED display and advanced self-modulation that allows the heater to adjust its power consumption to save energy automatically. Expect energy savings of up to 50 percent. In addition, the appliance can fit in tight spaces in the bathroom, kitchen, and other locations requiring hot water.

You can use the digital controls to program the appliance quickly and easily. Ventilation is not a requirement. This makes the heater even easier to mount because you can install it anywhere. The ventilation is not a consideration.

Takagi T KJr2 IN NG

This is an affordable heater with a sleek design and a flow rate of 6.6GPM. At 38 pounds, the appliance is compact. As such, it can fit anywhere. In addition, the anti-freeze technology allows the item to survive outdoors, whereas the Hi-Limit Switch and air-to-fuel sensor maintain a consistent water temperature, and reduce emissions, respectively.


2022 is a great year to buy a new tankless heater. Tankless heaters are energy efficient, and the units above won’t disappoint in that arena. You can also take advantage of their incredible flow rates and compact designs.

While people in large homes can still use them, the slight build is more likely to appeal to homeowners with limited space.