Top Tips for Saving Water in Style in the Bathroom

It may not come as much of a surprise to hear that the bathroom is one of the main rooms in the home that contributes to wasted energy. From the LED spotlights to the constant running of water, the bathroom is in frequent use throughout the day which can lead to a large amount of wasted water, electricity and so on. There are lots of things in which you can try to reign in on the amount of energy wasted, with simple everyday tips to make your bathroom usage more efficient, as well as actual changes you can implement to your bath, shower and toilet to make them more eco-friendly.

Out with The Old

Having an old toilet can result in a lot of wasted water. With so many efforts being made today to help reduce the amount of water wasted and make bathroom facilities more efficient, you can find so many different toilets that help with this. With so many flushes throughout the day, it’s incredible just how much water gets used each and every time, but with new and improved toilets, your flushing will be controlled and filtered to help monitor the flow and water output, bringing you one step closer to a more eco-friendly bathroom. Whilst it may not necessarily help with saving water within the bathroom, another great tip is to invest in eco-friendly toilet paper too. This will ensure your waste is broken down properly, without having heaps of toilet paper disregarded.

Shower Savings

Most of the water that is wasted within the bathroom is from people running the taps and showers waiting for the temperature to reach a comfortable point. During this time, a huge amount of water is flowing down, through the plug and back into the system, causing a lot of wasted energy. In order to stop wasting so much water when in the shower, you should look at introducing a smart shower to your bathroom. Smart showers, like these, have been designed to not only bring ease and a modern touch to your daily showering schedule, but they’re also environmentally friendly too. Having the ability to control your showers temperature, ensuring the water doesn’t run until it’s the perfect temperature for you, eliminates any wasted water running whilst the shower heats up. This is extremely important when it comes to saving water with the shower, making it a must-have feature in many bathrooms today.

Simple Sink Tips

So many people turn the tap on to brush their teeth and leave it running for the whole two minutes. This kind of tap usage is extremely wasteful, resulting in pints of water flowing through not being used much at all. When brushing your teeth, it’s so easy to flick the tap on initially, then leave it off until you’re finished and need it again. It may sound extremely simple, but it’s one of the most common area for water waste within the bathroom and it’s such an easy fix. Similarly, if you need to wash your face or use a large amount of water at a time, simply fill the sink with water and use the plug to keep it in place, this saves much more water than leaving the tap running for a few minutes until you’re finished.