Turning Your Home Into a Sanctuary for Your Soul

Home sweet home.

Home is a word that should be synonymous with feeling comfortable, safe and at ease. Your house should be the place where you feel calmness and tranquility when you close the front door. All of the chaos from the outside world should be left behind you.

Balancing your work with home life, as well as seeing friends and family can be really difficult. Sometimes it can feel like we have no spare time at all for ourselves. When we do have some me-time, it is important to be in an environment that has a positive impact on our state of mind.

This blog will give you tips on how you can turn your home into a stress-free zone. A place where you can revitalize and replenish your soul.

Reduce clutter

Clutter has an impact on how we feel and a messy home can cause feelings of stress, anxiety and helplessness. From the pile of dishes in the sink, to the mountain of clothes scattered across your bedroom – clutter certainly contributes to frustration and anxiety.

The solution for reducing clutter is very simple –reorganize, declutter and do some house cleaning! You will notice the difference in how you feel as each item of clothing go from the floor in your bedroom to a hanger in your wardrobe.

Minimize your electronics influence

A landmark report on the impact of the “decade of the smartphone” revealed that the average person in the UK spends more than one day a week online. A lot of us are guilty of constantly being on our phone whether this is to keep up to date with articles on the Financial Times or scrolling endlessly on our Instagram feed.

It is crucial that we take a break from these devices. Keeping a timer at work stations in your house to remind you of when to take regular breaks will lessen the strain on your eyes. During these breaks, drink lots of water and step outside for some fresh air.


Aromatherapy is a healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts to stimulate health and well-being. It is a method that can be used to help with depression, anxiety and other mood disorders. Here are some aromatherapy methods you can incorporate in the comfort of your home.

  • Burn essential oil-based candles or incense in your home
  • Use a diffuser – if you suffer from anxiety, the citrusy scent of bergamot can help lower your stress levels
  • An aromatic bath can help to relieve tight muscles, encourage better sleep and prevent or reduce stress levels
  • Clean your home naturally with aromatherapy – oils such as peppermint and tea tree remove bacteria while adding a fresh scent to home cleaning solutions

Personalise your home

Personalise your home to make you feel comfortable, safe and at ease. Decorating your house with art pieces that you love (professional or sentimental) is a great start. Research shows that simply looking at art can help reduce stress and make you happy

Adding plants to rooms in your house is another way to make your house more homely. Not only do they look beautiful but they also improve air quality.

Adding lighting fixtures that emit warm temperature shades of white or yellow can help promote relaxation at home. Letting natural light in, adding lamps or battery-powered candles in lanterns is also a way of making your space feel more welcoming.

Keep things that bring joy and peace to your life and clear out those that do not. Remind yourself of important people and joyous occasions by having photos and mementos on display.


We hope that our tips help you create a peaceful, homely place to unwind, dwell and recharge in. We would love to rear any suggestions that you may have.