Ukrainian models and their secret beauty life-hacks

Models have always been famous for their beauty. Smooth and healthy skin, fit and slender figure is an example for all girls to follow. We all know situations when a pimple appears on the face at the most inappropriate moment. Many ladies suffer from constant problems with their hair or weight. But how do women who go to photo sessions, beauty contests, where they constantly need to be in the ranks and always look gorgeous, achieve the beauty of their bodies? What secrets of their good-lookingness do models like to keep silent about? Today you will learn the secrets of beauty from four pretty Ukrainian ladies, top models. How do they take care of themselves, then?

Ukrainian top model Alla Kostromichova is an example of beauty for many women. What is her secret? According to this celebrity, particular attention shall be given to milk and dairy products:

“By the way, one of the most frequent culprits of problematic skin is milk and dairy products. In most people, milk is not digested at all, clogging everything inside and not allowing other products to be completely acceptable. So if you have skin problems – you can completely abandon the milk for a month and see what happens”.

Natalia Gotsii – model, winner of the Ford Models Supermodel of the World competition, mother of two children. On the day of her 35th birthday reveals her beauty secrets and shares tricks that make her look brilliant.

“I don’t eat meat, but I eat fish every day. I decided to lean on protein so that there would be no puffiness from carbohydrates. For breakfast, I eat a spoonful of flax seeds, chia, oatmeal, and goat cheese. I try to eat termed as well as raw vegetables. I always take some fennel with me on the plane, which I chew with pleasure. And I don’t keep food at home. I love the feeling of light hunger. Also, I don’t like it when I overeat on holidays.” – she shares, “I hate the feeling of pains in the stomach caused by fast food. And when I buy a hamburger together with friends, then I get angry with myself. Then I spend the next day drinking only water to get this pleasant light feeling of hunger back.

Top model, TV presenter, co-founder of the international modeling agency, Snezhana Onopko, reveals her beauty secrets, too. What makes her look so stunning?

“In New York, I go to the gym, which is located in my house. It is really convenient, especially in winter, when it is cold, and there is rarely anyone else there. I alternate between cardio and strength loads. Sometimes I only go there and do exercises for forty minutes on the cross trainer, watching my favorite TV series.”

Model Victoria Ganusovskaya shared a small beauty-life hack on how to get rid of a pimple quickly:

“If a pimple popped right before taking part in a photo session and together with the redness, I use a proven solution – tea tree oil. It perfectly disinfects, removes inflammation, and dries the pimple. It is necessary to apply the oil point-by-point on the problem area.”

Many girls are also interested in how to keep a slim figure as models do. For example, Diana Gorobets reports that she regularly takes fitness classes. And also, she has extra bought a bicycle for weight loss in her free time.

Anna Susyak can’t imagine her life without sports and encourages everyone to lead an active lifestyle:

“I’m still studying at the university, so I always have time to go jogging before the lectures. TRX helps me maintain a slim figure very well. It is a special tool with which you can perform various strength exercises.”

As you can see, these tips are not hard to follow. The point is your willingness and dedication.