Unforgettable Gifts For Christmas

Christmas will be here before you know it, and you don’t want to rummage through the last stock for an overrated gift for your dear ones. You don’t want to finish the year by giving a ho-hum present that they will forget after some months or days. They are unique to you, and they do deserve a gift that they will never forget.

It doesn’t have to be super expensive, but the perfect Christmas gift is well-thought and means a lot to the recipient. Livetrayis here to guide you to prepare with great ideas to gift someone you love, a gift that they will remember for a lifetime.

Unforgettable Gifts for Her

  • Pajama set: A cute set of the satin pajama is a total winner when it comes to gifting. There is no way she will be disappointed because who wouldn’t want to slip into a soft fabric clothing that will rest gently on her skin. Hitting the sack in comfy pajama sets is just what your lady needs for a serene sleep. 
  • Star map: Commemorate a significant day in your relationship with a map of the stars. If this doesn’t melt her heart, nothing else will. It could be the day you met eyes, your first date, your first kiss, or the day you professed your love to her. This is a unique gift, and there will be no other map of stars that will be similar to the one you give her. Get ready for some tear-jerking moments when you hand her this unforgettable gift.
  • Hair appliance: No girl would say no to a styling appliance. It doesn’t matter if she loves make-up or goes au natural; she will definitely love a good set of hair appliances. You can get a hair straightener, curler, styler, volumizer, dryer, or everything in a box, just because she deserves it all.
  • Lingerie: A nice, sexy lingerie as a gift is a romantic way to show her that you care about what she wears underneath. If this is your first time, go safe with a simple lingerie set. Make sure you know her choice and that she is comfortable to receive a sensual gift.

Unforgettable Gifts for Him

  • Fragrance: Men love good perfumes as much as women do. They make sure they smell good all the time, as you would too. Get him to remember you every time he smells the fragrance in the form of perfume, cologne, aftershave, body mist, or deodorant spray. 
  • Subscription Box:  A monthly sock subscription box would make a perfect gift for any man. It contains pair of colorful and fun socks which will make him wear these socks every day.  It would make a very useful gift at a reasonable cost.
  • Leather-bound journal book: If you know your partner has the habit of keeping records in a book, you couldn’t get wrong with an excellent leather journal. Not only does it look manly to carry around, but it will not wear off quickly. Something lasting that will keep you in his mind.
  • Barbecue grill: If your man loves the outdoors, get him a portable barbecue grill. He will love you for this thoughtful gift. Whenever he is out on a guy’s day out, you will be in his mind while grilling the meat.
  • Thermos flask: This gift will send a message that you care about every little thing that concerns him. With the flask, he can always have a cold drink throughout the summer days or a hot cocoa drink for the winter days.

Unforgettable Gifts for Parents

  • Back and neck massager: As we watch our parents age, we notice their bodies giving away year by year, and there is nothing we can do to stop time. Getting them a back and neck massager will be a practical gift to show them that you care. As they relax on the massager, feeling the vibration releasing tension and stress all over their tired muscles, they will have you on their mind. This is one of the small but meaningful ways to say thank you to your parents for every burden they carried for your comfort. For most of our parents, it is okay to be modest. That’s why details play a fundamental role when giving away meaningful gifts. Accompany your presents with handwritten thank you cards will never get old fashioned. So, do not think twice and give it a try.
  • A complete gardening kit: Be it flowers to beautify the home lawn or organic herbs and vegetables for the kitchen, gardening is a great hobby, and gifting them the best gardening gloves for women that keep them active in something light and refreshing. Moreover, they will run less to the store for ingredients that they can get at home.
  • Throw blanket: When they need a quiet relaxing time together, they can wrap themselves with the cute pet photo blanket that you got them. Blankets as a gift can never go wrong because it shows that you care.
  • Key finder: Parents are known to spend half their time searching for keys; they kept just an hour ago. Wasting time while searching for keys can be a mood-killer when we are going out. Gift them a key finder device that will make it easier for them to find their keys next time they are heading out. All they need to is trace their keys from their phones.

Unforgettable Gifts for Your Boss

  • Insulated coffee mugs: When gifting your boss, you need to stay away from personalized gifts but still stay sensible. A nice Insulated coffee mug is a nice way to say that you care, in an appropriate manner. As long as the mug remains on the table, you know you are remembered.
  • Office rug: Bosses usually spend a lot of their time in the office, and gifting an office rug will warm not just their feet but their hearts as well.
  • Indoor plants: A cute indoor plant for your boss’s office would appear thoughtful. An air-purifying plant is the right way to go. Do not forget to water the plants when the boss is away.
  • Boss appreciation key chain: Not to seem toady but an accessory to appreciate your boss will go a long way to make them NOT forget you.

Factors to Consider While Buying a Gift

The excitement to give is as big as receiving. Often we rush into buying things for our dear ones without having a second thought, and those gifts end up in places they are not supposed to be. Livetray has carefully compiled essential gift ideas to consider and further what you need to clarify before making a purchase.

  • It is established that gifts should be based on wants rather than needs. When you list the wants, you may find an unending list. The smart way is to buy those things that are useable or has some significance to them.
  • Consider your budget and the occasion. We always want to get the best for our loved ones, but often the budget doesn’t go hand-in-hand with us. First, set your budget and search for gifts accordingly.
  • Quality of the gift is essential. Your gift can come under your budget but make sure it is not cheap-made. Imagine receiving a knock-off gift on a special occasion from someone important. It is better to buy a smaller gift that is genuine rather than a big cheap gift.