Unique Things to do on Your Next Girls Night Out

Experts say that good friendships make you healthier – they reduce stress, increasing your lifespan, boosts your immune system, and generally making you happier all over.
It’s been a month since your last girls night out, so it’s time plan your next one (after all your health depends on it). Have a look at these unique things to do on your next girls night out, and make your evening extra special.

Host a wine tasting party. Go buy a bunch of red, white and rose’ bottles, sit around with your girlfriends sipping the different kinds while saying fancy things about the taste and aromas. And you can even chuck in a cheese or two and make it sophisticated.
girlss nightout
Get on board with NY Party Bus – all your favorite people on the bus, drinking bubbly and singing karaoke whilst stopping off at various destinations. A perfect night of fun with your girls.

Glam up, and take turns snapping future Instagram pictures of one another. Since your pictures won’t be self-taken, your followers will just assume you were caught at a house party or something looking gorgeous as always.

Have a Netflix and Chris Hemsworth movie marathon. Take a sip of your wine whenever he pops up shirtless. We can think of a few movies that will be perfect for your ‘Networth’ night.

Head to a 4D escape room game. Two to five people have x amount of minutes to try and solve all the puzzles to escape the room. There are a number of different game themes to choose from, and what a better way to bond with your girlfriends (or to see who takes charge in case of an emergency).
How about rewinding time and having an old-school sleepover, complete with men gossip, charcoal facials, and your beloved OC DVD box set. You know you miss the gang.

Host a board game night. It is the perfect excuse for a chilled out night with a few of your girlfriends. Get some snacks and ask your friends to bring some booze. Presto, you got yourself a fun filled night of friendly competition and laughs with the girls.

Drag your flat screen TV outside or use a projector if you can find one and watch movies outside. And get creative – throw a theme night or set up a retro concession stand. The perfect excuse to watch a movie under the stars on a Saturday night.

And lastly to end your evening – glam up, get sassy, put on your heels, find a cheesy nightclub and dance the night away (just remember the plasters). You can even make up some new moves with your girls and try them out on the dance floor.

Now that you feel inspired get your fun filled night of entertainment planned for your girlfriends, you can thank me later.