Use of medical Marijuana For a Non-smoker or Asthmatic Person

When the development of the medical marijuana industry was in its early stages, the biggest obstacle was to make it consumable in ways other than smoking because a patient in a critical condition would not be able to use traditional methods for treatment. Since its usage wasn’t recreational, more precaution and preparation went into developing different products for using weed safely and creatively! 

With the massive growth of the industry, weed became more accessible and edible, sometimes even palatable! The culinary industry, cosmetics industry, and others joined hands to supply the world with substitute methods that cater to the different needs, conditions, and urges of people and their medical requirements. The launch of new substitutes was tremendously beneficial for asthma-patients, since smoking, dabbing, or vaping weed is undoubtedly harmful to them. So this article will uncover healthier alternatives for you to enjoy medical cannabis without encountering smokes or vapors that can be distressful to non-smokers or asthmatics. 

1. Edibles: Edibles are the longest-running contributors for non-smoking weed consumers. 

  • Its former availability was just in the form of cookies and brownies. But culinary hacks have made edibles available with all kinds of food alternatives; such as chewing gums, chocolates, gummy bears, and so on.
  • Though edibles take about an hour or less to take effect, their effect lasts much longer. So it is best to regulate the dosage as needed and prevent the patient from over-consuming or experiencing discomfiture.

2. As Beverages: Nowadays, beverages like tea, wine, or smoothie, are also infused with cannabis dosage. One can easily find variety in local authorized dispensaries like that from a Silver Spring medical marijuana dispensary.

  • While it may be difficult to measure the dosage, it is far better an alternative for people who have an aversion to inhaling weed. 
  • One needs to wait for about 30 minutes to 2 hours before deciding to have more. But once you get high, it will sustain for a prolonged period.
  • Preferred for immediate stress relief and gathering energy.

3. By Ingesting Fresh Medical Marijuana: To preserve the active ingredients and medicinal properties of cannabis, ingesting raw weed is the best way to go. Since it is not palatable, one can make a juice or smoothie out of it and drink it in one go, much like most medicines, only healthier and natural.

  • The preferred dosage is to consume 15 leaves and about two buds a day.
  • It does not provide much of a psychedelic experience but performs medical wonders.
  • Patients with life-threatening diseases have found ingestion more responsive to their conditions than other methods.

4. Transdermal Patches: Much like nicotine patches – medical marijuana transdermal patches are applied on a hairless surface of your body. The medicine is released into the blood-stream slowly over time. It is, then, circulated throughout the body.

  • The dose does not pass through the digestive tract but is absorbed in its entirety.
  • Transdermal patches provide instant pain relief.

These modes of medical marijuana consumption are highly recommended and favored by patients. However, there exist other forms of consumption. The usage of suppositories, tinctures or sub-lingual sprays, topicals, and so on are equally helpful for asthmatics and non-smokers. Give these a try and find out which type you like best!