Using Retractable Screens To Get The Most Out of Your View

If you want to blend your interior and exterior spaces at home, retractable screens are the perfect way to do so. Retractable screens provide the flexibility to connect your home interior with the wider outdoor expanse, bringing in nature while also creating an open space to extend your interior space outwards. If you’re wondering whether retractable screens are suitable for your home, read this Go Retractable article for points to consider, but here’s how retractable screens can help you get the most out of your view.

How Retractable Screens Help 

Unfortunately, it is not possible to enjoy the outdoors comfortably without retractable screens. Simply leaving your doors open is not ideal as you would be leaving your home open to insects and pests. This is where retractable screens come in handy. They can effectively keep insects and pests at bay while simultaneously keeping your interior design theme and flow intact. These screens are made of very strong mesh materials and don’t obstruct your view. 

Retractable screens also integrate easily with your existing door. Your installer will do the necessary measurements before customizing a retractable screen to fit your door. There is no need for any significant renovation to install a new door structure. Furthermore, retractable screens are extremely versatile and can be installed in your garage, porch, or any other opening.

When you’re indoors and do not want to use your retractable screens, simply retract them into their casing. The flexibility afforded by retractable screens is a highlight for many. With just a click of a button, you can create additional functional space in comfort with your retractable screen. Likewise, you can just as easily retract it and enjoy your view without a retractable screen. 

Additionally, retractable screens can help protect your patio furniture from weather elements. From light drizzles to the scorching sun, don’t underestimate the extra protection that your retractable screen can give. You will also enjoy how retractable screens allow you to enjoy your outdoor view without the sun’s glare and harmful UV rays. 

Homeowners also love their retractable screens as it gives them more privacy. Want to enjoy your patio without your neighbors looking on? Draw your retractable screens and you can enjoy your outdoor space while leaving your patio doors open, creating your own sanctuary.


If you want to jump on the transterior home design trend, a retractable screen will have you covered. The transterior trend is all about merging the indoors and outdoors, giving you a smooth transition between the two so you can enjoy the best of both worlds. 

After all, nothing beats the enjoyment of sitting indoors on a cool evening with your patio doors open and your retractable screen drawn. Now, you can enjoy your outdoor view in comfort without worrying about insects, pests, or the weather.