Using Wood to Rebel Against Modern Glass Interiors: Simple Ways to Go About It

When it comes to inspiration for interior design, it seems many have fallen under the charms of using glass in recent years. It is easy to see why – glass is a fabulous material which has some fantastic properties for designers to take advantage of. Of course, clear glass is great for contemporary interiors and blending in with other materials or colors. Colored glass is also amazing for adding flashes of color for a big visual impact.

However, the sheer overuse of glass in modern interiors has led to many designers becoming bored with it, and they then look for something different to fire their creative juices. After all, if you are designing a home now, then you want to do something unique that will stand out from the crowd. One way is to think about using more wood in your home, if you’re thinking about purchasing some shutters to add to the atmosphere of your house from the interior and exterior, you might want to have a look through this list of California shutter companies.

Here are some fabulous ways to go about it.

Window shutters

Wooden window shutters are the perfect way to rebel against modern glass interiors in your own home. Made from beautiful natural woods like elm or poplar, these give a much warmer and natural look to any home. They provide privacy due to the ability you have to close them completely. That is perfect for any home where you have rooms that may be overlooked by people passing by. If you want to get that more homely and cozy feel, then wooden shutters are a great value way to do it. You may not have decided what type of window shutters you would like yet and that’s ok as there as so many different types. If you would like further information and you live in the relevant area, then it may be in your best interests to get in touch with West Pier Shutters for any questions that you may have. Don’t worry there are other companies who will be available to help you where you live.

Wooden accessories

Wood has actually been a key interior design trend for things like the Scandi look. One great way to use more of it in your home is to simply find wooden ornaments or accessories to display. Whether you have wooden coasters on your coffee table, or a piece of art made from driftwood in your bedroom, this is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to go about it. A great tip to keep in mind here is to not use too many in one room. A few attractive pieces about your home will give that relaxing, coastal feel as desired.

Wooden kitchen table

Another great way to reject cold glass for warm wood in your home decor is in your choice of dining table. Instead of a harsh glass topped one, treat yourself to a wooden dining table and chairs instead. This will not only make your kitchen look instantly cozier but will also help give a more natural feel to the room. Wooden tables just seem more inviting to sit around and chat, which is great for when friends visit. These kinds of tables are also less risky than glass ones which could break if subjected to a large impact, and they will give years of service.

Wood paneling for walls

Why not think about fitting wood paneling in certain rooms? This is a design idea that is on the comeback trail so you would be perfectly on-trend. With various types of wood to choose from, you can get a lighter or darker look to fit in with your existing home décor. When in place, it will make a room feel much warmer and inviting. The most common location for this type of design idea are the living room or the home study/office.

Wooden ceilings

Many homeowners forget about the importance of the ceilings they have in place but remember to think about the flooring. To get a really unique look, why not think about using wood on some of your ceilings? Again, rooms like the bedrooms and living space are ideal for this and it can look really amazing when finished. As a way to use more wood in your property and make it much more welcoming, this is ideal.

Use more wood to buck the trend

Of course, we are not saying you cannot use glass at all when designing your home! The general point though is that glass has been overused in modern interiors and something else is now needed to redress the balance. By using more wood and wooden furnishings in your own home, you will make it much more inviting and also help to complement any glass you may still have.