Valuable Tips When Remodeling Your Kitchen Space Using Grey Kitchen Cabinets

The importance of the kitchen in modern homes requires careful thought when remodeling. Learn all the valuable tips needed to remodel a kitchen effectively.

The kitchen space is now at the center of any home’s aesthetics. It is also a place where most homeowners spend time, thus, it needs to be as comfortable as possible. Installing grey kitchen cabinets could be your first step to a modern kitchen space.

However, you need a combination of various tips to get the best out of your remodeling project.

Kitchen remodeling tips

Plan ahead

Any successful kitchen remodeling needs a clear plan before the implementation of the remodeling project.

How do you plan for a kitchen remodeling project? 

It is simple; you have to visualize your kitchen space and put your vision to paper. Of course, you will need help from an interior designer to get the best out of your remodeling project. For example, if your dream is to have grey kitchen cabinets installed in your kitchen space, you should ask the interior designer to create a plan with such cabinetry included.

Remember that the plan should include all the aspects of kitchen remodeling such as lighting, appliances, and the kitchen triangle.

Build an accessible kitchen

As mentioned, the kitchen space plays a central role in any home, thus, you should make it accessible.

How to make your kitchen accessible? 

Consider everyone that uses the kitchen when installing your cabinetry and drawers. Your grey kitchen cabinets should be within the reach of all users. You should also consider the children that are in the house. Ensure you have considered safety measures when remodeling your kitchen space.

Still making your kitchen more accessible, strive to include a comfortable seating area within the kitchen. It could be in form of a kitchen island or an isolated entertainment corner in your kitchen.

Incorporate technology

Modern kitchen spaces must be tech-friendly.

How to make your kitchen tech-friendly?

Various tech inclusions can be used to define your kitchen space. Your options include smart trash cans, smart taps, and smart lighting. Your unique grey kitchen cabinets can have smart lights installed in them. This will not only enhance aesthetics but also improve functionality.

Smart kitchen spaces can be somewhat expensive but will increase the value of your space significantly.

Lighten up small kitchen spaces

Do you have a small kitchen space? That should not worry you because there are tons of creative ways to improve the look of your small kitchen space. One of the best ways is to create more lighting provisions in your kitchen space.

Light provides an illusion of space in your kitchen space. Therefore, a small kitchen space will appear larger than it is when you add more lighting. You can install light fixtures under your cabinets or tear your walls to add more natural lighting to the kitchen.

The lighting provision that you are adding should be purposeful. Use the services of an interior designer to help you design your lighting system for the utmost effect.

Play with colors

You can also use colors to enhance the appearance of your kitchen space.

Consider a kitchen with grey kitchen cabinets, how many color options do you have? There are multiple colors that you can blend with grey. You can check them out online to find out the best colors for your kitchen space.

Don’t be afraid to use colors to express yourself in the kitchen.

Plan for cabinet clearance

In addition to adding beauty to the kitchen, cabinets are also functional. However, sometimes their functions are inhibited by other kitchen appliances. Therefore, you should plan for cabinetry clearance space.

Ensure that you can open your cabinets fully without any obstacles. The base cabinets are the target for this consideration because they are the ones that border kitchen appliances.

Pick a focal point

There needs to be an outstanding area in your kitchen that anyone coming into the kitchen will notice at once.

Picking the right focal point

Ensure that the focal point you are picking is perfect. One of the top options is the kitchen island. You could improve its appearance and make it a focal point by adding a chandelier on its top and enhancing the colors of the island.

You can also make your grey kitchen cabinets your focal point. You can add under-cabinetry lighting to make them outstanding. This could improve both function and aesthetics of the cabinets.

Add art

Art is an option that you have for enhancing the look of your kitchen. The choice of artistic additions to the kitchen depends on various factors such as space, budget, and personal preference.

Online sites like Pinterest have great ideas on the kinds of artwork that you can add to your kitchen. Pick the ones that will fit your kitchen.

Starting a kitchen remodeling

With all these tips, you are set to start a successful kitchen remodeling project. However, you will need to know a few things before you get started.

You will need an interior designer 

You must know that you will need the services of an interior designer to help you get the best out of your remodeling project.

It might look a little bit expensive to hire an interior designer but at the end of the project, it will be worthwhile to have chosen an interior designer. The interior designer will also give you ideas about the best color combination when you are installing unique color schemes like grey kitchen cabinets.

Buying kitchen cabinetry 

Online market stores offer the best places to buy kitchen cabinets. You will get them at unbeatable prices and find value for everything that you need. Explore all the options that you have before you get started.

Anyone working on a budget will find the online option very affordable compared to physical furniture stores.


Make the best out of your kitchen remodeling space by following the tips shared above. You can also include other best practices that have not been shared here.