Want a Minimalist Yet Trendy Living Room? Check This out

In terms of minimalist visual trends, less is always more. And this is perfectly applicable also in terms of interior design, and especially in the modern minimalist living room. Clutter-free and clean spaces, which contain only the essentials, express not only the clarity of the place but also the clarity of mind, cultivating a calm, relaxing, and comfortable atmosphere.

Creating a minimalist, trendy but practical living room is surprisingly simple and easy when you know how to. And by using some minimalist design principles you can transform your living room into a sophisticated, yet serene and fashionable oasis. 

Fundamentals of minimalism in the interior design

1. Use simple and minimalist color schemes

Any minimalist interior design starts with using a minimalist color scheme. You’ll not find here strong and eclectic colors on the walls. Instead, a scheme of mainly neutral colors will create the perfect canvas that will let you decorate your living room in a way that not only will emphasize a clean and tidy space but will also express your personality.

 A classic minimalist outlook is defined by the combination of predominant white with accents of the shades of gray and black. It’s not only very clean, but it also lets you use different patterns and textures to add substance and create interest in your living room.

2. Give preference to quality over quantity

Because minimalism means a clean space without crowds, choose only indispensable pieces of furniture and essential decorations. When deciding what furniture to have in the living room, opt for high-quality products that can serve dual purposes, such as a sofa bed and a coffee table that also incorporates storage space. Also, keep in mind that straight and simple lines of modern design are the perfect choice for your minimalist living room. 

You can get your inspiration from our selection:

Madilynn Trestle Coffee Table with Storage

Denson Melamine Veneer Wood Hidden Storage Lift Top Coffee Table

Daughtrey 68″ Square Arm Convertible Loveseat

3. Use light not just for practical reasons, but also to add texture and visual interest to your room

A minimalist space is also bright and light due to the carefully picked up light fixtures. You can also use textural lighting to add visual interest to your living room through the perfect amount of texture and depth, without being too heavy. 

Some of our choices are Buchanan Light Single Globe Pendant, or Hans Andersen Home Wave Pendant Lamp

In terms of lighting, a very good option is also using the small yet impactful and interesting table lamps, such as Moon Lamp or Levitating Moon Lamp, both of them from GalaxyLamps.co

Made from eco-friendly materials, both of them are mini replicas of the real natural satellite of the Earth and have the same power of creating a magical and relaxing atmosphere in your living room. With two colors, adjustable brightness, and 3 different lighting modes, Moon Lamp and Levitating Moon Lamp transform your space into an intergalactic hotspot. 

Besides, due to the incorporated magnets in the base, the Levitating Moon Lamp levitates/rotates slightly and continuously (day and night), creating an interesting and intriguing focal point in your room.

4. Include a bit of nature

You can bring personality to any minimalist space using interesting decor elements. Whether they are a modern artwork or various other decorations featuring different textures, complementing and emphasizing the already existing elements.

But for sure, you can include nature in your design, accentuating the tranquility and calmness of your minimalist interior, without becoming too crowded. Even if it’s a plant life, a moss wall, or any other natural décor, this can be all that is required to put everything together and create a unique and comfortable look and feeling. 

Small pots with greenery or vases with flowers will always look amazing dressing up the table or on the shelves, while the pots with larger plants will sit on the floor near furniture, windows, or even in different corners, to add a relaxing and calm feeling to your room’s overall design. 

Do you love minimalist interior design? Then use these fundamentals to redesign your living room and add serenity to your space.