What Causes Premature Wrinkles and How to Get Rid Of It

Premature Wrinkles

Aging is a natural factor that makes the emergence of premature wrinkles inevitable. Premature wrinkles appear like fine lines, and it’s distressing to see them appear on your face. However, there are top anti-wrinkle creams for premature wrinkles appearing across your forehead and facial skin. According to the Association of Cosmetic Dermatologist; premature wrinkles appear early o the skin because we stretch our facial skin. We do this daily by smiling, raising eyebrows, laughing and frowning. Skin beauty creates a striking impression. It’s cost-effective to eat healthy diets and drink enough water each day. Ensure you follow all the tips above to reduce premature wrinkles and look younger.

Causes of premature wrinkles

Causes of premature wrinkles

Poor Nutrition

High-carb food has rich concentrations of sugar. However, when you skip diets that are low in antioxidants; you’ll experience poor skin nutrition. Vitamins A and Vitamins D are the building blocks of skin cells. Without skin nourishment from vegetables and fruits, it’s easy for pro-aging effects like premature wrinkles to be noticed at a young age. After our foods break down, free radical agents are released to attack cells and cause oxidative damage. However, antioxidants from anti-aging diet and supplements will protect skin cells from oxidative damage.

Avoid stress and anxiety

Stress induces premature wrinkles because an aging hormone (cortisol) is released during the process. The appearance of premature wrinkles and crow’s feet are the effects of cortisol in your bloodstream. To ease stress, use light exercises like yoga or deep meditation. Also, engage in cheerful activities that uplift your mood. Avoid stress to stop premature wrinkles.

Harmful radiations from sunlight

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation; hyperpigmentation that leads to weak skin cells occurs when ultraviolet rays A (UVA) and ultraviolet-ray B (UVB) come in contact with our skin layers. Premature wrinkles are inevitable with weak or dead skin cells. To prevent skin defects like premature wrinkles, apply some dabs of sunscreen on parts of your skin that have a risk of sunlight exposure. Crow’s feet and under-eye wrinkles can be smartly reduced by wearing water-resistant sunscreens (SPF 30 and SPF 50) and polaroid sunglasses. More so, when ultraviolet rays A (UVA) and ultraviolet-ray B (UVB) invade your skin cells, they trigger the breakdown of collagen and elastin.

Prevent Dehydration

Water is a natural diuretic that keeps skin cells hydrated round-the-clock. It’s recommended by the World Health Organization to consume at least four liters of clean water every day. Apart from hydrating your body; water flushes toxins that are capable of destroying skin cells. However, a good moisturizing cream can optimize skin hydration and soften premature wrinkles.

Aging causes Premature Wrinkles

There are genetic factors that trigger a natural process of aging. However, the effects of aging on skin cells might happen early as premature wrinkles. Then, the sub-layers of aging skin will have to lose elastin structure. The effect causes the skin to lose its elasticity and self-moisturizing properties.

Style of Sleeping

When you sleep with your face on the pillow, it’s likely you’d wake up with pillow wrinkles. Sleep lines will appear because your face was firmly placed against the pillow. The use of satin pillows helps your anti-wrinkle efforts. Instead of stomach-sleeping, use the back-sleeping method because the former has been proven to trigger aging.

Environmental factors

Pollution from smog is an environmental factor that quickens the breakdown of skin cells. When you live in a city with clouds of pollution, it’s inevitable to experience premature aging. Fortify your living room and offices with air purifiers and conduct regular maintenance by changing air filters in your air conditioner.

Stop smoking

Direct and second-hand smoking cause premature wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity. The act of smoking reduces nutrients and oxygen from your bloodstream. The effect is oxidative stress for cells because of a build-up of free radical agents. Oxidative stress in skin cells lead to their destruction and causes skin aging. The accumulation of cigarette chemicals over a period is linked with the rate of developing premature wrinkles. More so, the addition of nicotine to your bloodstream will contract your blood vessels and lead to high blood pressure.

Treatments for premature wrinkles

Treatments for premature wrinkles

Plastic Surgery

Beauty enthusiasts with deep pockets for budgets can enjoy a facelift. It’s the responsibility of a trained plastic surgeon to fade your premature wrinkles by tightening your skin. However, you should be ready to wait for many weeks before for the surgery to heal. There’s no limit to facial uplifts with plastic surgeries. On the other hand, some people don’t like the idea of surgical procedures on their face so they prefer the non-surgical facelifts they offer at places like Jan Val Beauty Ballymena. It’s all up to personal preference.

Use Fillers

Schedule an appointment with a cosmetic dermatologist to inject fillers into your premature wrinkles. A regular filler contains fat or collagen products. The goal is to reduce premature wrinkles and rejuvenate your skin cells. To make your skin appear tighter and reduce premature wrinkles; inject fillers periodically and enjoy skin beauty.

Use Topical treatment

There are top rated anti-wrinkle creams for premature wrinkles. Apart from purchasing them as over-the-counter wrinkle creams like Stemuderm, they are also prescribed. Topical treatments like retinoid (Retin-A), retinol and coenzyme Q10 are available for premature wrinkles. More so, they work effectively by increasing your skin texture and collagen production. Apart from an unpleasant image, premature wrinkles give rough surface texture.

Use Dermabrasion

When skin cells degenerate, they squeeze into rough spots on the surface. By undergoing dermabrasion, these rough spots are cleared off the top layer of your skin. The practice of dermabrasion is like using sandpaper to scrape a rough wooden surface until it becomes smooth. However, the skin is a sensitive tissue that becomes bruised after dermabrasion. Allow a few weeks for your supple skin surface to heal before enjoying the result of a smooth skin surface.


The frequent and excessive consumption of alcohol may trigger premature wrinkles on your skin. Ethanol in alcoholic drinks dehydrates consumers, burns collagen and promotes aging. When people consume an excess quantity of alcoholic drinks, it causes the skin beneath their eyelids to retain fluids. Apart from developing dry and un-moisturized skin, dehydration gives a dull appearance and makes you older than your current age.

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