What Is The Cost Of Mobile Scaffolding Rentals?

When it comes to hiring mobile scaffolding services, you’ll need to pay a small fee depending on several factors. Some of these include the size of the scaffolding, the load, or even the method of transport being used. In essence, this can cost anywhere between $50 to over $150. Read on as we dive into the cost to rent scaffolding. 

If you think of this from the idea of daily rental, then some of the most common rates are $20 per hour from direct hires or freelancers. Companies that hire employees usually make around $42000 per year. In order to calculate the final mobile scaffold hire price, you’ll need to divide the entire height of your building by the height of one scaffolding section. This serves to determine the number of rows that will be needed for the job. 

After you determine the rows that are needed, you’ll need to multiply that by the number of columns used to determine how many sections are needed for your project. For most interior projects, you can easily end up paying $40 per hour, or $170 for each week of work that you rent the scaffolding. Some companies easily charge around $56 per day or $504 for the month if you’re working with longer projects. 

For most companies, the standard hire period is anywhere between six or even eight weeks. So if your job lasts that long or even longer, your hire should ensure that you’re provided with services for the entire duration of the job. However, in the instance where your work takes longer than the mentioned period, you might be required to pay additional for the extra time. 

From a general point of view, it costs up to $700 per week to rent a scaffolding depending on who you rent it from. However, it should be noted that scaffolding usually takes up to 3 hours in order to erect them. If you’re working with more than one level, you’ll possibly be required to pay more depending on the company. 

Since scaffolding usually extends around corners, they’re built with braces to ensure that they stay up. This provides stiffness to ensure that your hire stays sturdy and in place. When you use scaffolding for your projects, most times the building is able to provide protection against the wind for the scaffolding. This is done since the air slows down because it’s blocked by the building. 

Additionally, scaffolding is usually measured in square meters. So, the more height you require, the more you’re likely to pay. However, the prices vary depending on the company. When it comes to hiring a company, be sure that you do a reference check. This is important since you’ll need to know about the services that were provided in previous jobs. 

As we conclude, we have just looked at what it costs to hire a mobile scaffolding. These prices fluctuate depending on the company as well as the height of your job. Scaffolding rentals can be anywhere from $170 per week to as much as $700 per week.