What is The Safest Buttock Augmentation Procedure?

In today’s world, the quest to look perfect cannot be underplayed. With the advent of social media that gets us closer to celebrities, we’re constantly trying to be the best version of ourselves.

Media gives us an insight into every aspect nowadays, and beauty is one of the major concerns. Due to this, there is a huge trend that focuses on physical appeal and is definitely fuelled by celebrity lifestyles.

One of the recent trends shows a change in women’s physical appearance, where most of them want to switch from the box type figure to becoming curvy. The box type figure was popular during the 80s but now women want the perfect booty that brings out a sexy shape.

What is buttock augmentation?

Women want bigger boobs and curvier buttocks, which has made augmentation a trend. It is a method to make your hips look bigger and curvier to make you more desirable. The process is also called gluteal augmentation and takes you through a medical procedure to contour your bottom and shape them in the right form. The results not only enhance the aesthetic beauty of a person but also establishes the perfect gait.

Different ways to have buttock augmentation

Having the right mass in your glutes helps establish a balanced gait along with enhancing aesthetic beauty. It can be done in three processes and they are listed below:


An implant is a complex surgery that doesn’t end with one session. It needs a follow up of constant postoperative sessions. It comes with high risks of capsular contracture. Many doctors might not recommend you to go through this surgery after analyzing your health condition.

Brazilian butt lift

The Brazilian butt lift surgery is a process of fat grafting that enhances the fullness and shape of your butt. It extracts unwanted fat from your thighs and injects it onto the butt. Although many find this process effective, it usually takes a toll on a woman’s body. The process of liposuction followed by injection of the same fat in another body part disrupts the natural body cycle.


Bioplasty is a way safer process compared to the other two for buttock augmentation. Here, the doctor first marks out the portion of your buttocks that need the fillers. He/she then gives you anesthesia to prevent pain or discomfort. Finally, the doctor injects you with biocompatible tissue fillers where you wish to enhance your butt.

How does Bioplasty work?

Bioplasty is an injection of the biocompatible tissue fillers, which is also called polymethylmethacrylate (PPMA). Once it is injected the fillers encourage the growth of patient’s inter-connective tissues. The process also promotes the production of natural collagen release. It adds more elastin to the buttocks and improves volume.

Why Bioplasty is becoming popular?

The following reasons explain why Bioplasty is gaining quick popularity:

  • You don’t need to go to the hospital for this process
  • It is not as intrusive as other buttock augmentation processes
  • You only need 40 minutes to get unbelievable results
  • You don’t have any cuts or injury
  • The method works under local anesthesia so you can get back to your activities as soon as you discharge from the clinic

Why try Bioplasty for buttock enhancement?

Gluteal augmentation enhances the balance of your gait. It increases volume, roundness, and beautifies the shape of your butt. The process will help you balance your figure better. It also adds confidence and makes you happy about self-image.

Things to keep in mind

  • You must do the augmentation process by a professional to prevent deformation of buttocks
  • If you do Bioplasty, you need to ensure that the clinic certifies of PMMA
  • You must have proof that the fillers used are certified
  • You can return back to healthy eating and exercise after going through the butt enlargement process. Ask your doctor if he/she suggests any restrictions on food.
  • The buttock augmentation price differs according to the type of method you choose.

Final Thoughts

Buttock enhancement is safest when done by Bioplasty. You need to turn to the best clinic in town to make sure you get the best treatment. Try to avoid the other two butt enhancement processes as they can leave you with severe side effects. Bioplasty needs a few follows up only, and then you’re good to go!