What to Expect when Buying a Razer Iskur Gaming Chair

When choosing the perfect gaming chair for your setup, the decision mainly comes down to factors such as how comfortable it is and how much it costs. Considering this and the fact that one Razer Iskur chair goes for $500, it is no surprise that most gamers want to know: are Razer gaming chairs worth it?

Well, despite their high price, Razer Iskur gaming chairs are superior to many other gaming chairs in the market today. This is because – among other features – it consists of firm, long-lasting padding, numerous adjustable seating options, and a pneumatic lumbar support system.

But should you buy it? This post takes a closer look at the Razer Iskur gaming chair.


The Razer Iskur gaming chair was initially launched in October 2020. The chair goes for $500 and can be purchased either from Amazon or directly from Razer.


The Razer Iskar gaming chair has a lot to give, including durable padding along with other incredible features such as:

  • Adjustable Lumbar Support

Typically, most gaming chairs simply have lumbar support in pillow form. The Razer Iskur gaming chair comes with an adjustable lumbar support mechanism such that its lower backrest can extend upward and outward, enabling you to adjust to your favorite sitting position in accordance with the curvature of your spine.

  • Adjustable Height and Backrest Angle

In addition to its adjustable lumbar support, the Razer Iskar enables you to conveniently adjust your backrest angle and chair height. However, the backrest angle is quite sensitive, so you will need to apply enough pressure to change it according to your preferences.

  • Pitch

Another notable feature of the Razer Iskur chair is its pitch, which allows you to adjust how back or forward you want your chair to lean. Moreover, its armrests enable you to adjust the whole chair’s direction, height, and tilting angle.


The Razer Iskur gaming chair is well known for its unique designs that include:

  • Layout

The Iskur is a sizable black seat with two plain black armrests. The seat has adjustment controls for the chair’s pitch, backrest angle, and lumbar support mechanism on the right side. Furthermore, under the seat, there is a height adjustment arm as well as a black base with five casters.

  • Aesthetics

The Razer Iskur comes with its famous neon green stitching Razer logo and the ”For Gamers, by Gamers” trademark slogan that makes it look appealing in most gaming centers.


The Iskur has a firm, durable padding at the seat and backrest that provides you with enough support to lean back or sit up straight comfortably. Furthermore, the chair allows you to adjust your seat’s pitch to fit the curvature of your spine, enabling you to either ”lean forward” or ”lean back” in a normal spine position.


Are Razer gaming chairs worth it? Yes, they are. Razer has made a name for itself in the electronic gaming gear department and is not turning heads with its line of durable mechanical furniture equipment. With a Razer Iskur chair, you are guaranteed comfort and convenience during your gaming experiences. The chair not only supports your lower back but also assures the health of your spine when working or gaming. It is arguably the best investment you can make when buying gaming chairs.