What to Prepare Before Applying for an L1 Visa

Let us say you are the selected executive, manager, or specialist of your company to go to the United States for business purposes. Surely you will come across an L1 Visa, which is a requirement when entering any United States country without any restrictions. Browsing the web, you find Ashoori Law that offers you essential knowledge about L1 Visa, the qualifications, and function. That will surely help you in terms of knowing the documents needed for your travel.

Today, we will discuss the necessary things you will need to acquire an L1 Visa in this article. Without further adieu, let’s get the discussion started.

All you need to know about L1 Visa

Before starting, you need to know first the definition and usage of L1 Visa. Briefly, L1 Visa is a document that allows a particular person from a company to travel inside the United States of America without any restrictions. There are two types of L1 visas; L1-A, which is valid for seven years and is exclusive for executives and managers, and L1-B, which is helpful for five years and is intended for workers with special skills or knowledge.

As stated above, only certain people can apply for an L1 Visa to work in the United States. It is greatly recommended that you associate with your employer to confirm your eligibility to register for an L1 visa. Additionally, L1-A needs to file a green card without completing the Permanent Labor Certificate under the EB1 category. For L1-B, it is contrary, which means that you need to have a Permanent Labor Certificate and a green card under the EB2 category.

Preparations for L1 Visa Application

After knowing the basics of an L1 visa, we will move next to the things you will need to arrange before applying for it. The following are the general preparations that you must consider:

Requirements for L1 Visa Applicant

There are requirements that you need to possess for you to qualify in applying for an L1 visa. First, you must know your position in the company to determine whether L1-A or L1-B. Stated below are the things you need to apply in:

  • L1-A visa – the applicant must have worked overseas for the company for a minimum period of one consistent year within three years of employment regarding their admission to the states. The applicant must be an executive or manager to qualify and have the authority to hire, fire, and promote the company’s employees.
  • L1-B visa – unlike L1-A visa, the only thing you need to qualify for an L1-B visa is to possess special and unique skills.

Documents for L1 Visa Application

After knowing which type of L1 visa you will get, you need to also prepare essential documents for your application to be accepted and progressed. The following are some of the papers:

  • Current or old passport
  • Accomplished Form DS-160
  • Letter of Interview Appointment
  • The receipt number of I-129
  • Visa insurance fee demand draft
  • Work experience letter
  • Training Certificate or Degree Certificate
  • Resume
  • Bank Records
  • United States company information
  • Place of Employment photographs
  • Contacts of Co-workers

The following are required for an L1 visa application. However, to gain more knowledge about these documents, you may read more in browsing the web.


Planning to migrate to the United States for business purposes or company relocation needs an L1 visa to enter without any restrictions. However, despite the easy process of applying and processing L1 access, it requires the applicant to prepare the documents needed for the application. Thus, it is better to run a background check regarding the things you need to prepare to save money and time. Good luck!