Which material should you use for your garage door?

Replacing garage doors always come handy and is one of the best returns on investment for your homes. Garage doors are important because they are home entrances and exits. They make up to almost 30% of the exteriors of the homes. There are so many options to choose from when coming to garage doors. Now, let’s start with garage Door Repair in Atlanta by familiarizing with the types of garage door materials that can be used.

The types of materials and their consideration

There are certain factors which need to be kept in mind while choosing material for garage doors:

  • How long the garage doors will last
  • The style of preference
  • The maintenance required
  • The insulations required

Some garage doors might not come with specific designs. Garage Door Repair Marietta has options of many garage doors to choose from and be thrilled at. It depends on how much time you are willing to spend on painting or staining.

Steel Garage Doors

Steel is one of the most affordable garage door options that you can find. The steel is most durable and it doesn’t crack or warp. Steel garage doors have great flexibility in design and draw attention to exteriors of the home. Door Repair Atlanta provides steel garage doors as these doors point out a classic look. The people can choose from many different colors and helps in adding flush panel textures or the provision of appealing window treatments.

When it comes to garage door materials, steel is the best option as it comes with insulation options mostly in the polyester form.

Classic Wood

If you are looking for a traditional look, wood is the best thing to go forward with. When it comes to wood, it is simply the original version of using as garage doors. It comes in a variety of finishes and textures along with different panels and styles. Cedar is popular wood species suiting to fluctuating temperatures of moist climate. Mahogany is another wood material that you can choose. Garage Door Repair Marietta provides mahogany options. Though a bit high in cost, but it provides a sophisticated look to your homes.

While choosing wood, you have to pay more attention. The wood may expand or contract depending on the weather conditions. So, it requires occasional staining or painting. Though it requires some effort, it is worth it as the wooden garage doors provide an earthy look to it.

Aluminum garage doors

The full aluminum garage doors with glass panels look sophisticated and modern. These aluminum doors make a bold statement and add to the elegant architecture of your homes. It can be painted in any color and the glazing can be added additionally. Garage Door Repair in Marietta provides so many glass options like translucent, clean, and tinted. These full view aluminum glasses are durable and lightweight. Proper care needs to be taken to protect these garage doors.

Fiberglass garage doors

The fiberglass garage doors come in faux wood for giving rustic look to the doors. These are not affected by environmental stress and are highly durable. These won’t rust and are lightweight. It requires low maintenance. The only drawback of fiberglass is that they do not have strong insulation properties.

Fiberglass garage doors are a good option for someone wanting to change the exterior of their homes. These doors provide a sharp impression on everyone. Also, be sure when to use fiberglass for your garage doors.

You can consult Bob Advance Garage Doors for changing or repairing your garage doors. This company will provide you with extensive options. With their consultation, find the right garage door for your home.