Why a Personalized Thank You Card is Better Than an E-mail

Customer appreciation is an excellent way of engaging with them and showing their importance to your business. Today, businesses include different ways to thank and appreciate their customers, e-mail being the prominent one.

Thank you cards are in trend that has proven to be effective in improving customer retention and increasing returning customers on your website/store.

FACT: Personalized Thank You cards results in a 50% higher retention rate

This gives you a glimpse of how personalized thank-you messages outrank the alternatives. Still, many of you rely on e-mail messages that are more of a template people use to send a single message to everyone they serve.

So, how handwritten thank you cards can outrank e-mail? Below are the points that prove its unmatched traits.

Build One-To-One Relationship: Building relationships is the game-changer for any business, regardless of its business size. Nowadays, it’s easy to boost sales with various marketing practices, but building relationships is challenging. Here handwritten thank-you cards do wonders and give your business a unique identity in front of customers.

Sending handwritten cards will always help you build a one-to-one relationship with the customers/clients.

Offering Personalized Support: Have you ever wondered how you can make your customers/clients feel special? Well, handwritten messages are the best way to make them feel special. Your customers deserve to be entertained individually, and that’s one factor that can help you serve the clients/customers exactly what they deserve. With personalized cards, you also open the window of offering personalized support that brings them more to the returning customer’s list.

Show Your Gratitude: Running a business doesn’t make you bigger than the customers. Regardless of your business capital and profit, you depend on the customers. Hence, you should show your customers the same, and handwritten thank you cards give you this opportunity. With personalized handwritten messages, you show gratitude towards them and their importance to your business growth. Not every business does this, but it’s exactly what can distinguish you from the competitors.

Eliminate the Communication Barrier: Most businesses maintain a communication barrier with their customers/clients that directly impacts their sales and returning customer list. Reaching out to your customers via handwritten messages allows you to eliminate the communication barrier and let them feel cozy with your services. 

Remember, new users can turn into returning customers if you entertain them well, even after the purchase.

Creates Long-Lasting Impressions: Nothing is comparable to the impression you make with first-time engagement. Handwritten messages make that long-lasting impression that binds the customer to your brand and brings them back whenever they look for the services. 

How you serve the customer on their first-visit matters the most! Simultaneously, how you thank them via personalized thank you cards make a big difference.

That said, you have understood how a handwritten thank you card can help maintain your returning customer and serve them the best. You can use a thank you card writing service to stand out from the crowd and offer something new to your customers.