Why Drinking Water Is Important?

Drinking water helps you to think properly, lose weight, prevent disease and fosters a better mood. Considering the benefits you might be reaching out to your water bottle. Are you drinking enough amount of water every day? If that is not the case your overall body could be taking a toll. For this reason drinking water is important. The benefits of drinking water are immense and for this reason a domestic ro plant has to be installed at your home.

I did find it myself and one of the items I cannot live without is my water bottle. In order to ensure that I do not lose out on one I keep several ones with me. Wherever I go there is one with me always. In addition I keep a reusable cup with a lid with a straw next to me all along which means I can sip all through the day.

Why the main reason is the body needs water?

What is the proportion of human body which contains water? No surprises to the fact that water makes up around 60 % of human body. Now what benefits can be expected from drinking water. There are numerous benefits associated with drinking water. You can term water to be a building block, as a form of solvent and even a transport material for waste and nutrients.

Water paves way for proper circulation and works on the blood volume. Even the body temperature is regulated and for our joints and brain it works as a shock absorber. In fact there are more health benefits of water. The linings of the inner organs are lubricated and ensure proper functioning of the kidneys.

The main benefits of water

If you drink water it helps to keep your body healthy and function at an optimum level. If you are hydrated it would help you to

  • Improvement of physical performance- When we undertake physical activities our body ends up using a lot of water. The key is to be hydrated during and after exercise to ensure that your body is hydrated. This enables your body to perform better. Proper levels of hydration can ensure endurance; improve your heart rate and more. Even you do become less sore once your exercise is over.
  • You do lose weight faster- Facing issues with your weight loss? If you increase your water intake it can enable you to achieve positive results. Research does show that people who are on diet end up losing more weight when they increase their intake of water. In a particular study people who were on a weight loss diet went on to drink 500 ml of water before consumption of their meals for 12 weeks. It was found that they lost 4.6 pounds on an average in comparison to people who did not go on to drink additional water.
  • Peps up your mood- people who are going to drink a lot of water have better moods. A particular study went on to figure out the fact that people who did go on to drink around 1.2 litres of water a day and when they increased it to 2.5 litres a day, the participants, did experience less fatigue and sleeping disturbances. Considering the other side of the coin, people who did go on to drink two to four litres of water on a daily basis, and if they reduced the intake of water it lead to bad moods, positive emotions
  • Works wonders for your brain power- The moment you drink more water it peps up your cognitive performance. Studies have gone on to show people who drink water during the course of cognitive tasks did perform tasks much better as compared to people who did not drink water during the course of such acts. The results of such studies have extended to both adults and kids. Even studies reveal that dehydration can have an impact on cognitive function on a short term basis. So when you are looking to focus for the next time, take rest and just keep a glass of water beside you for sipping
  • Prevents headache- Water deprivation is the cause of frequent headaches. If you are able to rehydrate yourself in a proper manner you can gain relief from headaches. In case of certain people dehydration can lead to migraine and in case of headaches or migraines you need to increase the intake of water on a regular basis.
  • Protection against various forms of diseases. The RO plant for home is installed for this precise reason. One of the most common questions which are posed by all of us “Why is water important” What about its role in the prevention of diseases. Proper levels of hydration could be one of the reasons for various diseases and health conditions. If you are properly hydrated it prevents the occurrence of constipation, asthma, coronary heart disease and possibility of cancer exists.

What is the ideal amount of water you need to intake?

The exact amount of water you need to consume would depend on various factors. This includes, your age, gender and levels of activity. But as far as intake of water evolves there is a general guideline which you need to follow. For women it is 2 litres of water on a daily basis and when it is men it works out to be 3 litres of water daily. You should not be confused about the amount of water you need to drink on a daily basis.

Once you increase the levels of activity go on to increase the intake of water. As toxins are found in tap water make sure that you drink only pure filtered water. Educate yourself about the tips of purchasing a water purifier.

Once you age your thirst levels would decrease and you are going to drink less fluid. But hydration really seems to be important once you go on to age, so keep water in hand as every time you might have to sip water on going out.