Why Is Addiction Prominent Among High Earning Professionals?

Substance addiction is a problem all around the globe, with perhaps a few exceptions, as western societies face increasing economic pressure and people who are close to the breadline tend to seek comfort in mind-altering substances, which are illegal. Yet it isn’t only those at the bottom of the finance ladder that have drug issues, as high-flying business executives and city traders also fall foul to illegal substances.

What is the Attraction?

You might be wondering why a person who makes a lot of money would want to ruin their life by taking drugs? The answer is complex; in one respect, the user is pushing their boundaries, fuelled with the confidence of success, a search for new and exciting heights. If, for example, a trader had a very successful day, he would likely party hard and with money to spare, drugs invariably arrive and while at first, the substance serve its purpose, it quickly becomes an obsession.

High Earnings-High Target

The high-flyers of Wall Street and inner London are pushed hard by their bosses, who have more money than they do, and it is their job to keep the big earner motivated, which can be tough. So, you just had a fantastic month, smashed all previous records and now you have to beat that, there is an air of expectation, which leads to pressure to perform. One way to ‘relieve’ this pressure is to get high, which, for a short time, offers some respite, even though the pressure is always at the back of your mind, you feel the need to escape. These mental issues are also the reason why they choose to go on a mental health rehabilitation center in Thailand.


This is a trait of the high-flyer who is close to burning out completely; any substance will do, as they refuse to face up to reality and this can be a very dangerous time for the person. There would already be problems at work, performance drops and in many cases, their manager sees what’s happening and intervenes, sending his protégé off to rehab.


When a high earner has burnt out and is totally dependent on drugs, the only real solution is a stint of luxury drug rehab, which works because professional people help the user in a controlled and very beautiful natural environment. The user first detoxes, which allows them to think clearly and with expert counselling and herbal treatments, the patient regains their self-respect and the last stage is to build a desire to remain clean. It is absolutely essential that the user is removed from their existing environment and the best rehab resorts are based in the tropical paradise of Thailand.

If you, or someone you know fits the above description, it is important to have an intervention, as in most cases, the sufferer is not willing to leave their life behind, not even for a short while. Of course, when you reach rock bottom, the rehab facility is like a sanctuary and with a professional team of experts, you are in the very best of hands and can nail the addiction once and for all.