Why Nepal is best for yoga teacher training?

Summary: This blog aims to educate the yoga enthusiasts why the meditative land of Nepal is ideal for yoga teacher training. Discover the reasons in seven pointers.

The land of Nepal embraces the Himalayan splendor and spiritual ambiance. The birthplace of Lord Buddha and Rishi Nemi, Nepal has contributed immensely to the development of yoga and spiritual practices.

Owing to the unparalleled divinity that can be felt in the land of Nepal, it is the dream destination for the seekers of yoga knowledge. With certified yoga centers, spellbinding natural settings and the guidance of traditional yoga teachers, completing yoga teacher training in Nepal is an experience ineffable.

With us, get to know the reasons for choosing Nepal as the yoga teacher training destination.

1. The Splendor of Nature: The land of Nepal is decked with misty mountains, undulating terrains and green vegetation. With the clear skies, tranquil rivers and beautiful valleys, Nepal’s natural beauty allures the eyes and heals the soul in ways unimaginable. The presence of natural reserves in every nook and corner of Nepal makes it an ideal place for the practice of peaceful yoga science. During the yoga teacher training in Nepal seize the opportunity to perform yoga poses out in nature. Let the healing touch of nature and yoga lead you on the path of health.

2. The Presence of Spiritual Vibes: For years, the country of Nepal has adorned a spiritual vibe. From the sacred Himalayas to the glistening temples to the holy rituals, Nepal reverberates with holiness. The divine Boudhanath Stupa, Kopan monastery, the glorious Pashupatinath temple and many more pagodas in Nepal are the sites of absolute serenity where yogis, monks and spiritualists can be seen meditating in large numbers. Learning and practicing the art of meditation in such a spiritually motivating ambiance and amidst the divine souls is an internally uplifting experience. Getting an opportunity to be a part of great spiritual energy can inspire you to walk the path of self-realization.

3. The Sacredness of the Himalayas: The Himalayas are sacred because the seeds of yoga were sown here and in his lap, many yogis and saints have attained salvation. The destination of Nepal has been blessed with numerous snow-towering peaks and the Himalayas. During the yoga teacher training in Nepal, spend your day’s trekking and practicing yoga in the Himalayas. (Why not check out https://www.siddhiyoga.com/become-certified-yoga-instructor for more information about becoming a yoga teacher.) As you trek the breathtaking mountain trails, you get an opportunity to delve in self-inquiry assorted with the chants of holy mantras and fluttering prayer flags. Trekking the Himalayas offers both adventure and spiritual joy to the travelers.

4. Home of Renowned Yoga Schools: Owing to the rich yogic heritage and spiritual lineage, Nepal is the loving home to many certified yoga schools. These renowned yoga centers have on offer the Yoga Alliance approved yoga teacher training and yoga retreat programs that are immersive and traditional in nature. Through the yoga teacher training in Nepal at one of the reputed yoga schools, you imbibe the Eastern yoga knowledge and can evolve into a registered yoga erudite and teacher.

5. Immersive and Traditional Yoga Teachings: The land of Nepal is avowed for its Eastern yoga and meditation practices. For years, the Yoga Alliance approved schools, monasteries and other yogic centers have been educating the seekers and yogic enthusiasts about the authentic yoga practices. The schools yoga teacher training curriculum contains subjects that are classical. The subjects are delivered by eminent teachers from across the globe having years of experience in taking yoga classes the traditional way.

6. The Land of Yoga and Meditation: Nepal in its womb carries breathtaking and yogic destinations. Pokhara is one of them. The town of Pokhara is beautifully nestled on the charming Phewa Lake with the Annapurna in the backdrop. On the Eastern shore of the Phewa Lake is the yogic hub of Pokhara with many yoga and meditation centers.

7. Affordable Teacher Training Cost: In addition to being the spiritual and trekking spot of the world, Nepal is a land of friendly people. Warmth, love, compassion, kindness is closely knitted in the fabric of Nepalese life. Therefore, out of humbleness, the yoga schools here offer affordable yoga teacher training courses so that every individual who wishes to seek yoga knowledge can realize their dream.

For Nepal, purity is the word. Pristine environment, unadulterated yoga education, simon-pure spirituality and true love are the attributes of yoga teacher training here. So, undergo a Yoga teacher training in Nepal and awaken your soul with purity.