Why Rent A Meeting Room? 5 Reasons

So you’ve made good headway with your lead generation, and everything seems to be on schedule. Excellent. 

But now, your potential client wants to take it to the next step and meet you. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for, so what do you do?

You have three choices here. You can either hold off this meeting until you find an office space, have a virtual meeting, or visit the client at their office. All these options take time, but renting a pre-equipped office or meeting room is an out-of-the-box solution.

Most entrepreneurs choose rented spaces to conduct interviews for their offices, give presentations and meet others in their respective industries for networking. Why? Because buying an office space without clarity of resources is naïve.

In the same way, various companies worldwide organize networking events in countries they plan to expand to in hopes of meeting like-minded individuals and establishing lasting connections. 

The Need For An Office Space

The need for office space rises when the option of working from home isn’t feasible. These reasons could be the lack of a quiet study space, constant relocation, lack of working space to collaborate with your team, or when real estate prices caused a significant cut in business revenue.

That’s where spaces such as board rooms, meeting rooms, and function rooms are necessary. In these circumstances, services like The Executive Centre are a blessing for companies looking to rent fully equipped working spaces and meeting rooms for various clients. 

That said, cutting unnecessary expenditures is one of the significant reasons rented office spaces are essential. In almost every industry, organic conversations can significantly improve work productivity compared to holding a meeting or calling a coworker. 

According to Reclaim.ai, an average professional spends about 21.5 hours weekly on meetings. On the other hand, a busy professional spends about 32.9 hours per week.

Why is that? 

The work culture due to the COVID-19 lockdown two years ago forced companies to endorse and adapt to working remotely. Office culture is reverting to something similar to its original form to decrease time spent on unnecessary meetings. 

For instance, COVID-19 lockdowns increased meetings by 70% to make up for organic conversations that would happen otherwise.

Going back to the question, you need a place to pitch to your client, so a space where you could brainstorm with your team or organize team meetings would be an excellent idea. 

So let’s dive in and highlight some benefits of how rented meeting rooms are ideal for businesses with small teams, entrepreneurs, freelancers, consultants, and people working on the go.

1. Improves Productivity

Since these offices are already furnished, it’s easier to set up your workspace and get straight into the meeting. Moreover, most of the interior designs of these offices feature updated devices and presentation equipment for seamless integration.

According to TeamStage, coworking spaces improve productivity significantly. More than half of the employees working in coworking spaces are healthier, complete their tasks on time, and feel better focused at work.

Moreover, coworking spaces make a great place to socialize and network with other people, which wouldn’t have been possible in a stand-alone setup. You can pre-book these spaces to ensure that you can have a distraction-free work zone.

2. Adds Flexibility

Businesses that offer these spaces for rent offer these services in multiple locations. Hence, their clients can work from a different place using a small conference room or a small meeting hall.

Moreover, clients who aren’t comfortable in a meeting or conference room can pick a different conference room and use that location if they see fit. This improves productivity and gives the client a change of scenery.

3. Offers Affordability

Setting up a conference hall is capital intensive and almost always a permanent design. There’s always the option of picking a modular design, but these are costlier and centered on a particular design. 

According to SmallBizGenius, the US leads the global coworking market in real estate, with more than 80 million square feet of flexible workspace. In addition, Allwork Spaces suggests that flexible workspaces’ market estimate is about $26 million. So, historically speaking, business centered around coworking spaces is on a steady incline.

Most businesses that offer these working spaces have certain meeting rooms centered around modular designs. So it’s a win-win situation in that case.

4. They’re Well Equipped

Rental office spaces like The Executive Centre offer meeting rooms, board rooms, and function rooms that are well equipped to handle your work. They provide a stable internet connection and multimedia connectivity and cater to all sorts of clients, even those who need wheelchair access.

Conference rooms are usually equipped with video conferencing for trainers and consultants to host sessions and conferences. Some of these setups can handle live broadcasts for social media. However, it’s best to check with the coworking space manager before signing up for such a space.

These features can help build a stronger impression on clients and offer them the choice of choosing the office space that best fits their business needs.

5. They’re Comfortable 

The most important factor an entrepreneur or a team lead needs to consider is the comfort of their team and clients. It’s not enough to have all the infrastructural features in place, but it’s also essential to make the space comfortable to work in.

So if you’ve booked an office space for a longer duration, consider getting some of your stuff to personalize your space. Your team would want to bring in elements such as mugs, mouse pad mats, or even office space decorations to make their space comfortable to work in. 

Most importantly, consider consulting the office space management regarding personalizations and whether they have any policy regarding lost and found items if you’re considering a long-term membership.

In a Nutshell

Rental office spaces like the ones offered at The Executive Centre benefit businesses with a few team members, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and collaborators. 

They make for an ideal space for people on the move who need an affordable, comfortable, and flexible space to work on the go. These office spaces are pre-equipped and well-furnished, reducing the time for teams to set up and get into the workflow.

With that said, if you like this article, feel free to add your two cents in the comments section below.