Why the Dewalt Cordless Drill is Superior to the Makita Cordless Drill

Cordless drills are loved by both homeowners and professionals because they can be used anywhere without needing the mains socket. Although there are many brands in the cordless drill market, two giants have emerged: Makita and Dewalt. The two brands are loaded with amazing features that enable them to deliver impeccable performance in every application that they are put in. In this dewalt vs makita cordless drill comparison however; we are going to look at the reasons why the Dewalt cordless drill is superior to the Makita.

Dewalt is more powerful

The capacity of a drill is largely determined by the amount of power that it is able to produce and in this case, the Dewalt has more power than the Makita. This is because it comes with a 300 watts motor as opposed to the 54 watt motor fitted on the Makita cordless drill. As a result, you can use the Dewalt to perform a wide range of heavy tasks that the Makita will face difficulties to complete. For example, when drilling on hard materials such as metal, concrete or hardwood, it would be easier doing it using the Dewalt cordless drill.

Ergonomic grip

The Dewalt is superior to the Makita cordless drill because it comes with an ergonomic grip. This grip design eases stress on user’s hands as they are able to hold onto the drill and work for hours without getting fatigued. For heavy duty projects that require you to put in a lot of work, buying the Dewalt cordless drill will be the best bet.

Led light

There are times when you will be required to work in low light environments. Luckily, having the Dewalt power drill will bring a lot of convenience. This is because the drill is fitted with an LED light that illuminates the area that you want to drill. As a result, you can comfortably work in the dark.

Overall built quality

Another area where the Dewalt beats the Makita cordless drill is in the built quality. Dewalt cordless drill has a more robust construction that enables it to last for a longer time. From the design and the build of the motor to that of the body, the Dewalt is well put together. This is the reason why the tool will be harder to break even when subjected to heavy duty applications.

Longer lasting battery

On a full charge, the Dewalt is going to provide you with more drilling time than the Makita. This is because the Dewalt is fitted with a 20 volt lithium ion battery that stores more power than the Makita’s 18 volts battery. If you are looking to work in a place where you have no access to electricity, you are good to go with the Dewalt.


Dewalt cordless drill comes with a 3 year warranty. On the other hand, the Makita has a 2 year warranty on their products. This means that, by purchasing the Dewalt you are better covered by the manufacturer.


We hope that the above points have helped you understand why the Dewalt cordless drill is superior to the Makita. Nevertheless, it is important to note that the two products are of good quality and are going to serve you well.