Yoga for Back Pain: 12 Poses That Heal

Yoga is an age-old method of healing your body, mind, and spirit. Though most people have adopted this practice recently, yoga has been the part of Indian culture since centuries. Yoga is a boon for everyone be it a senior person battling anxiety or insomnia or a young person who is constantly bothered by severe back pain that debilitates the person.

If you also suffer from back pain regularly and seek home-based solutions like hot & cold therapy or depend on this product at Halo Health, you should also consider incorporating yoga into your daily routine. You never know, it could turn out to have a magical effect on you and might negate the need for painkillers or even surgery.

Here you can look at 12 poses that heal back pain. Most of these poses are quite easy and can be mastered in a few days. Ready? Let’s go then!

1.Spinal Twist Pose

Start by bending your right leg while keeping the left leg straight. Put the right hand on the floor behind you and twist in such a manner that you should be able to hook your left elbow over your right thigh.

2.Cat/Cow Pose

Be on your hands and knees and start rounding and arching your back. Make sure that the tops of your feet and your hands push down on the floor. This pose will massage your spine.

3.Downward Dog

Be in tabletop position and raise your hips slightly so that your body is in an upside-down V position. The next step is to relax your neck and head and draw your inner thighs toward the back. Then you should spread your shoulder blades apart as it will stretch your upper back. Finally, reach your hips up and back to open the lower back. Breathe for a few seconds before coming back to where you started.

4.Child’s Pose

Be on all fours and keep your arms forward. Then you need to sit back so that your hips are resting above the heels. Hold the position for a few seconds and breathe deeply unto; you feel the breath reaching the hips.

5.Plow Pose

Start by being in the shoulder stand position and then bend your hips to ensure that you bring your toes to the floor. If you need support, you can put your hands against the back. In case the pose is too tough for you, make sure you place a chair behind and rest your feet on it.

6.Seated Forward Fold Pose

Be in a seated position and make sure that your legs are extended forward. Then you need to bend at the hips and reach for your feet, ankles or shins. Make sure that you avoid rounding the back but reach the sternum forward as it will lengthen the torso. If this pose hurts your back, you are free to bend your knees.

7.Eagle Pose

Start by being in the mountain pose and make sure your knees are slightly bent. Then you should lift the right leg and reach the right thigh over the left. Also, point the foot towards the floor. You can stop here or hook the right foot behind the left calf. Make sure that you also bring the right arm under the left and bring your palms together by keeping your elbows bent.

8.Bow Pose

Lie face down and stretch your hands towards your ankles. Grab your ankles one at a time. Then you need to lift your thighs and chest from the floor by drawing the chest forward and moving the back of the thighs towards the sky.

9.Locust Pose

In this pose, you should lie on the stomach and ensure that your arms are behind you and your palms are up. Your forehead should also be on the floor. Then you should lift your arms, torso, head, and legs away from the floor. When doing this, your thighs need to rotate slightly on, and you will feel your body elongate. Hold the pose for a few seconds or a minute if you can.

10.Supine Twist Pose

This pose is excellent for lower back pain sufferers. Here you need to start by lying your back and then bring the arms to a T-shape while bringing the knees towards the chest. Then you need to lower both knees to the left while ensuring that your neck is neutral. Also, see to it that both the shoulders are on the floor. Stay in the pose for up to 4 minutes and then move to the right side.

11.Sphinx Pose

Lay on your stomach and ensure your feet are hip-width apart. Then you need to bring the elbows under your shoulders. If you feel too much pressure on the lower back, you can bring the elbows slightly forward.

12.Triangle Pose

In this pose, you should start with keeping your feet parallel and around three feet apart. Then you should rotate the right foot in such a manner that your right heel is in line with the arch of your left foot. Make sure that your arms are extended to the side and then tilt at the hip so that you can reach your right hand toward the ground.

Then you should rotate your body to the side and try to reach the fingers of your left hand toward the sky. Keep your eyes on the left hand and hold the pose for about 7 seconds. Switch sides and repeat.

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