10 Best Tips on Moving House

Moving House

Moving house is a stressful and daunting task no matter how much stuff you have. And it’s only after you decide to move that you realize actually how much stuff you have collected over the years. Most of these things are breakable or assembled. Packing such stuff can be a nightmare if you are not organized and ready. Hiring professional removalists can surely take a great load off your back. However, in most cases, you still need to pack your stuff and be ready on the moving day. Here are some useful tips for moving house that can help you stay organized and systematic even on the dreaded moving day!

Plan Ahead

Once you decide on moving, you should start planning for things like arranging your utilities and changing your address early on. Plan when to start packing and make checklists of tasks you need to complete before, during and after your move. When you decide to move then first you should call a professional New York City movers to help you out.

Declutter Before Packing

Declutter Before Packing
We often have things in our houses that we either don’t use or don’t need anymore. Taking unnecessary stuff to your new house doesn’t make much sense. So, declutter your home before packing and get donate or throw away things you don’t need.

Book Your Removalists In Advance

If you are going to hire a removalist or mover, better to do so early on. Whether you are looking to hire professionals like moving companies Roanoke (location varies depending on where you live) or moving companies in the UK, then be sure to look into finding the right one for you early on, as this gives you time to sort everything else out. Plus, it’d be less stressful for you. Most removalists are pretty booked throughout the year. Better to book your removalists once you have decluttered and have an idea of what and how much to move. If you’re looking for professional and cheap removalists perth, it’s better to start early!

Make a Checklist and Pack Early

Start packing early on and not in the last week to give yourself enough time to pack and check all your stuff. Before starting, make a checklist of all the things you need to pack and pack accordingly. Once you’re done, refer to the checklist and check everything is packed properly.

Color Code and Label Your Stuff

Packing and unpacking becomes so much easier when you know what stuff is in which boxes and where to put them. So, grab a marker and label every box you pack with the name of the stuff and what room it belongs to. You can color code your stuff according to the room like blue for kitchen, etc.

Pack Heavy Things in Suitcases (books)

Pack Heavy Things in Suitcases
Isn’t it better to drag heavy stuff than lifting it? Stuff like books, etc. may not look heavy but are very difficult to lift in bulk. Pack all the heavy stuff in suitcases that you can drag easily.

Don’t Overload the Boxes

It’s easy to get distracted when you’re in the middle of packing. However, take care not to overload the boxes with too much stuff. You don’t want to start all over again when the bottom falls open when you lift!

Wrap Clothes with Hangers As They Are

One easy packing trick is to just wrap a garbage bag over the clothes in your hanger and tie it together. This way you don’t have to remove the hangers and pack them separately. Also, unpacking these is a breeze!

Pack an Essentials Bag for Moving Day

Make all members of the family pack their essentials like clothes, toiletry, etc. for the moving day in a separate bag. This will help you avoid going through countless boxes in search of these items when you have moved into a new place.

Pack or Pre-order Groceries for Moving Day

It is better to pack or pre-order groceries to be delivered to your new house on the moving day. You don’t want to go shopping for this when you’re hungry after a hard day’s work.