3 Renovation Tips to Create a Dust Mite Allergy-Friendly Room

Have dust mite allergies? Then, you might be wondering how you can find your ideal dust mite allergy-friendly room.

But sadly, while many of us have an ideal room we’d like, it’s not always likely that we’ll find a home with a room that meets our expectations. What happens then? Well, sometimes it just means we have to renovate to get the room of our dreams.

Easier said than done, right? And it can be especially difficult to do when you have dust mite allergies. Renovation can involve kicking up a lot of dust from sanding walls, cleaning out a room to prepare it for construction, and doing a great number of other interior designing activities. All the dust and particles floating around from that activity can cause your allergies to flare. You might sneeze frequently, deal with breathing difficulties, and have trouble constantly trying to cover a runny nose.

These allergic reactions to dust can make you feel like your ideal room is impossible to create, but you just need some help. So here are three tips to help you start renovating to get the ideal dust mite allergy-friendly room.

Prepare yourself for renovating first.

First things first: before you even think of renovating, make sure you’re personally prepared to be around dust. That means going straight to your doctor. You need to know how you can reduce the chances that you’ll trigger your allergy, and a health-care professional like your doctor will have the tools to help.

Depending on the severity of your dust mite allergies, your doctor may simply recommend that you take medication like ADVAIR® HFA. Taking this kind of medication will make living around or near dust much more bearable as it will reduce your body’s reaction to the dust mites that feed off dust.

But you may not be completely sold on the pharmaceutical relief. After all, prescription medication can be quite expensive.

Your medication doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, though! Just consider ordering your medication online from an international or Canada drug center like Canada Med Center. Such centers are also known as pharmacy referral sites, and they can connect you to licensed pharmacies outside of the United States that can offer prescriptions at low prices.

Reduce how much dust your new room will attract.

Once you’ve taken steps to minimize your reactions to dust mites, make sure you know what your ideal dust mite allergy-friendly room will look like. You may have had a vague idea, but do you actually know what will make your dream room friendly to people with dust mite allergies?

To help you visualize this, consider the following:

  • Choose wood flooring over wall-to-wall carpeting. Unlike carpeting, wood flooring does not trap dust.
  • Get mite-proof cases for mattresses and pillows. These cases will ensure that you don’t sit or sleep right near dust mites.
  • Avoid having area rugs unless they’re washable. This will minimize how much dust gathers on your floors.

Look for devices that can modify your environment for the better.

Once your ideal renovation has been visualized and brought to life, consider enhancing it by installing some handy dust-removing devices:

  • High-efficiency filter— Find this type of filter, and make sure it’s rated MERV 11 or 12. That rating will indicate that the filter will let air through while trapping air pollutants like dust mites and dust.
  • Dehumidifier— With this device, you can alter the humidity of your room. Try to make it so that your room is below 55% humidity as high humidity attracts dust.

After you’ve found these devices, your ideal room will be complete, and you can relax in a room meant to suit both your tastes and your allergies.