How Aspiring Wedding Planners Can Get the Business if They Have Just Started Out: a Few Points You Must Know About

In recent years wedding planning has become a huge high earning business, especially in India where weddings are like a festival. We all know how weddings are done in India and these days everyone claiming themselves an experienced wedding planner wants to cash in.

There are experienced and professional wedding planners that you can hire for your events. Nowadays, in every city, there are some wedding planners. But to become a successful wedding planner and making a name in this field is not as easy as eating momos with chutney. Those who have interest in managing and planning stuff can make their career in the wedding planning.

Those who are starting out in this field often face difficulties in attracting business and the reasons can be many. We are telling you some important lessons by which you can attract and increase your business in this field. These lessons are from the expert wedding planners who are already famous, who in their struggling time also faced the same challenges as you are facing now.

Points to ponder for aspiring wedding planners who have started their companies:

You & your terrific representation: after doing internships with popular wedding planners and at different events, you have gained the enough experience and now you have opened your company but facing difficulties in attracting the business.

The first thing you need to do is to give an impressive presentation to your clients when they approach you, whether on phone, personally or in any other way. The way you present yourself, presents your business. So your presentation where you go for the business must be terrific. Always remember “the first impression is the last impression.”

Always maintain social media presence: whether you have done one wedding or nothing, you must maintain your online social media presence on popular social media channels. It is because when you tell about yourself and your company, people search you online rather than going after your shop address. So online presence in this digital age is very much necessary, of you and the company both.

Do free of cost wedding planning: if you are not getting business, it doesn’t mean that you sit idle, which is very dangerous. Rather than just sitting and killing flies, you and your team start to go free; without cost wedding planning, whether of your any relative’s wedding or any other social event or volunteering for those who can’t afford a wedding planner. You also must upload the videos of your work too on YouTube or on your website.

In starting, less money is fine (not always): suppose you are getting a gig for someone’s wedding planning but they can’t offer you the amount you charge. Leaving the money aside, you must grab the opportunity for the wedding planning gig. This way you start to make your name in the market and the society, and people start to recognize you.

Make a dedicated website of the company:  the event management company you have started, for it, there must be a dedicated website where everything about you, company and the team members must be given provided whenever any potential client sees it, they get the indication of your authenticity.

Marketing: for getting business, you must do the 180 degree of marketing whether digital or physical, it is must. Because in the market there are many like you that are trying hard to get the same business that you want to. The more people know your name, the more they recognize you.

These are all the things that you must do for your event managing business if you are starting out. Concentrating on the above-mentioned points, there are chances that you can get the business. Though it is always about trying. Apart from that, you can list your company on any good online wedding platform such as Shaadidukaan, which is India’s fastest growing online wedding market. Whether you want to find wedding planners in Delhi or any other vendor in any other city, you can find on this platform.