6 Simple Ways Homeowners Can Help Contractors Prepare Estimates Faster

There are lots of reasons to need a contractor to work on your house. Maybe you need the Ace Roofing Company for your roof or an electrician for some outdoor lighting. Maye, before the seasons change again, you want to arrange for a complete residential window replacement. That means you will need to book a free estimate for windows in Burlington from one of the local contractors. After determining when the contractor can come by and take a look at the project, you can do a few things that will make it easier to prepare the estimate. Here are some suggestions that will help.

Trim the Hedges

In order to examine the current windows closely, the contractor must be able to get to them. Take a good look at the ornamental shrubs or hedges that make the landscape look so pleasant. Is there enough space between the shrubs and the windows for the contractor to move freely? If not, it’s time to do a little trimming.

Your goal is to ensure there is space for the contractor to examine the details of each window, including how the framing and the trimming are done. That information will come in handy when it’s time to prepare the estimate for new CanChoice windows in Hamilton since the contractor will already know what it will take to remove the old windows.

Move Furnishings Away From Windows

Remember that the contractor needs to examine the interior side of the windows as well. If possible, move furniture away from the windows so there’s plenty of room to take inside measurements to go with the ones taken on the outside. Provide as much space to move around as possible. Doing so will speed up the process of measuring and making a note of any specifics of the current window construction. Depending on how much time remains after you book a free estimate for windows in Burlington, it may only take a half-hour or so to move the furniture to one side.

Prepare A List of What You Like About Your Present Windows

Take a moment and think about the features of your present windows. Is there anything about the current style or the function that you really like? Feel free to include features that once worked fine but are no longer functional. The goal is to make sure the contractor understands what features you would like to have included in the replacement windows.

Maybe you have double hung windows and love being able to open both sashes. That’s something you definitely want to include on the list. If you have awning windows and the automated opener no longer works, write down that you would like to know more about current openers that can be used with awning or casement windows. Every point you write down will provide the contractor with a better idea of what you want in those new windows.

And a List of Things You Don’t Like

Are there things about the current windows that you can’t stand? Make a list of those as well. If you have single hung windows and would prefer the ability to open both sashes if you like, add that to the list. Maybe you have windows that roll out and you want to get away from that look altogether. Adding that to the list will let the contractor know you want to go in a different direction with the new CanChoice windows in Hamilton. That one bit of information will save you and the contractor a little time.

Provide an Idea of How Much You Can Afford to Spend

What’s your budget for the replacement project? Even if you plan on financing the cost, have a good idea of what sort of installment payments you can comfortably make. Remember to include a down payment that helps to lower the amount you need to finance. As the contractor comes up with ideas for the new windows, it will be easier to concentrate on solutions that are affordable and offer as many of the features you want as possible.

And Be Open to Some Suggestions

Now that you’ve provided the contractor with all this information, be open to suggestions. Ultimately, the professional wants you to know what sort of CanChoice windows in Hamilton will look nice with your home’s design, what features can be incorporated, and how certain suggestions will fit into your budget. What you may find is a style suggestion or the addition of a feature that you didn’t think of earlier may turn out to be just what you want.

Call today and book a free estimate for windows in Burlington. While you wait for the contractor to arrive, take care of the action items outlined here. You’ll find that they make it much easier to collect the necessary information and create a quote that works for you.

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