10 Best Ways to Use CBD

CBD is becoming increasingly popular in modern culture. It is being hailed as something that can act as a cure for so many things. CBD has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, thus helping reduce pain. It has been seen to control anxiety and depression. It also acts on cancer cells and may be an effective tool in fighting cancer in the future.

With all of its positive health benefits, it becomes imperative to know the different ways in which we can consume CBD. Let’s take a look at ten best ways to use CBD-


This is the most common way to consume CBD. In this, one has to place drops of oil under the tongue before swallowing it. Some people don’t like the taste of CBD oil and hence may try to find other ways of consumption. The benefits of this method are that it is relatively easy and the CBD is directly absorbed by capillary beds below the tongue. Hence, there is no need for CBD to go through the digestive system and it is directly absorbed into the bloodstream. If you are thinking about taking CBD oil to help with a specific problem but are unsure on whether it will be beneficial, then you may want to ask yourself, “Did the Sharks invest in CBD Oil?” on that episode of Shark Tank. Before making any decisions though, it may be worth talking it over with a medical professional.

CBD pills or capsules

This is a very convenient way of using CBD. This method ensures proper dosage and ease of consumption. One can directly pop a pill and swallow it. A person who doesn’t like the taste of CBD Oil can opt for this method. However, some efficiency of CBD is lost due to the fact that the capsule has to pass through the digestive system. If reading the health benefits has got you interested in seeing how CBD products could benefit your health and daily life, look into these cbd capsules UK.

CBD Tincture

When CBD is suspended in a tiny amount of distilled alcohol solution, it is called CBD Tincture. The way of using it is the same as CBD oil- by placing it under the tongue. However, it doesn’t taste bad and thus has an advantage over CBD oil. However, the tincture cannot be vaped and it is extremely dangerous to do so.

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Vape Oil

This is one of the quickest methods by which you can feel the effects of CBD after consumption. In this method, small amounts of CBD oil is heated in specially made vaping devices like Vape Pens, and then the vapors are inhaled. It is fast because it directly goes into the bloodstream after going through the lungs. Vaping Pens also come with pre-filled cartridges in the market with the exact dosage.

Creams or Lotions

Another way to use CBD is to go the topical route- by directly applying creams or lotions infused with CBD to the skin. It can reduce inflammation in that area and reduce pain. It is a super easy method.

CBD Flower

This is a different method of using CBD, in this method, one has to smoke the flower. It contains CBD as well as some amounts of THC. Thus, this method will give you the feeling of getting high that is associated with smoking marijuana. The benefit of using this method is that when smoked together, THC and CBD display “Entourage effect”. This means that they amplify and enhance the effects of one another.

Edible Items

One of the safest and easiest ways is to eat food items infused with CBD. By having a look at all things cbd edibles, one can easily modify the taste and add CBD to a variety of food items. A very popular example is the CBD infused Gummy Bears. These are available in varying flavors and can deliver doses as high as 25mg in one piece.

Transdermal Patches

This is an easy method that uses adhesive patches attached to the skin. The CBD is then gradually absorbed through the skin. The main benefit of this method is the duration associated with it, hence it is used for continuously managing pain.

Mouth Sprays

Another alternate method of using the capillary beds in our mouths is by using a mouth spray that delivers CBD directly to capillary beds present under the tongue. The spray is directly absorbed into the bloodstream and is a very fast way to use CBD

CBD Beverages

Quite recently, drinks that contain CBD are starting to appear in the market. These can be in the form of CBD syrup, CBD tea or CBD coffee. This is an interesting and tasty alternative to those who don’t want a cumbersome way to use CBD.