Top 5 Weird Furniture Designers

“The weirder, the better.” – seems to be a credo of the 21st century. Bizarre clothes and accessories, odd-looking cars, and weird furniture – everything strange is now popular. Thus, if you want to stay in trend, you need to get used to this!

In this article, we are going to talk specifically about home décor. One thing we all love about the 21st century is a possibility to use modern technologies to create pretty much anything. Same goes to for furniture. Technologies give designers lots of space for creativity, and it’s quite fascinating!

Today, most furniture makers strive to find their unique style and unleash their creativity. Just look at Klemens Torggler and his odd doors-transformers or YOY studio with their paintings-chairs. However, we can’t say that this tendency has developed recently. Even 20 years ago, many designers went against the flow. Clear evidence to this is Ettore Sottsass with his weird ideas. His designs defy any logic and look slightly ridiculous. Nevertheless, he is considered one of the geniuses in this industry. His philosophy was quite simple – everything that surrounds us should excite and evoke vivid emotions. He believed that the goal is to cause a strong reaction from the public. Even a negative reaction is better than none.

Top 5 Odd Furniture Designs

In this article, we have collected our favorite odd designs. Let’s dive in!

Canvas Chair

If you prefer minimalism in home design, then your designers choice is pretty vast.

However, nothing can compare with this Canvas Chair created by YOY studio.
The creator of this chair is a popular Japanese design studio YOY. In 2013, the studio’s team launched a furniture line that consisted of chairs and sofas that look like paintings. This décor element can be put on a wall like a painting, but if you lean it against a wall, it will transform into a cool chair! Furniture from this line is still available for order on the YOY’s official website.

MHP The Nicodemus Coffin Bed

Another odd-looking piece of furniture is this coffin bed. It first appeared on Amazon in 2014 and was available for everyone. The design is quite weird as for a bed – it looks exactly like a real coffin and even closes like one. The item description is also creative – it says, “Why buy a Casket for just one day?”

Although the style of this bed is creepy, it is interesting enough that most buyers’ reviews were positive. Almost everyone who have purchased this bed created by Casket Furniture claims that they have never slept better. Unfortunately, it is currently sold out, and there is no information about whether it’ll be back in stock anytime soon.

Dining Table

Have you ever felt not willing to talk to your family during dinner? Then this table is created for you! It is one of its kind and still available for order. Maybe, if you are lucky, you can be the first to purchase it!

This table was created in 2010 by Michael Beitz, a modern American artist and an Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin–Oshkosh. The designer worked as a furniture maker for a while. No wonder why he specializes in creating sculptures of furniture and other objects that we use in everyday life.

Bed That Doesn’t Let You Change The Pose

Another bed in our list is even more bizarre than the previous one. We bet you have seen this photo somewhere on the Internet at least once (as it was quite popular on social media) and thought it was fake. However, it is a real bed. It basically allows you to sleep in one specific embryo-alike position, and if you turn, you fall. That’s quite odd, isn’t it?

This bed is an early work of a provoking British artist, Dominic Wilcox. Dominic had created this project in 1999 when he was still a student.

Meat Chair

This chair is truly weird and even frightening. The author of this chair made it realistically replicate the look and texture of muscles

This creepy chair was created by an Italian artist Simone Racheli. Simone has created a whole range of items made of “raw meat” as a call for people to stop consuming meat. His creations were shown in the Paolo Maria Deanesi Gallery in 2006.

Final Words

Without a doubt, furniture plays a decisive role in the house’s design. Just like trending accessories can add a bright note to a casual outfit, well-selected furniture can significantly transform even the most simple and inconspicuous design.
In the 21st century, we can see lots of odd looking decor items, and we are ready to adopt weird designs. Today, bizarre elements are trending, and they give you lots of space for creativity and self-expression! Thus, it is a brilliant idea to spice up your home environment with a few weird pieces of furniture!

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