10 Colors for Fall

October 2020 is full of quintessential spooky season drama. With a double full moon and cooling temperatures, it’s time to transition into the deeper colors of fall that transition into winter’s colder temperature colors.

We’ve put together a quick fall 2020 nail color guide. Outlining the creepiest and juiciest colors and trends for fall nails.

1. Silver to Light Gray to Dark Gray

This year there are almost 50 different shades of gray trending in the nail art world. Dark and light grays will play a massive part in October, acting as neutral tones to all your devilish attire, and shimmering silvers will begin to slip into the spotlight as temperatures turn cooler.

2. Black

Classic black returns year after year to adorn the nails of the witchiest wearers. This season black is taking on a classier ultra-gloss finish instead of it’s usual matte look.

3. Midnight Blue to Icy Blue

The color of the season. Midnight blue makes us think of a deep, dark, star-sprinkled sky. This fall, midnight blue is the new black. Witchy trends this fall are shifting away from jet black and exploring deeper, almost black, midnight blue colors in fashion and accessories.

4. Olive Green

The newest neutral this fall is olive green. That perfect mossy shade that is reminiscent of deep green forest floors and 1970’s color schemes. This year’s olive color trend works well with soft reds and opaque neutrals as well this fall’s “It” color, midnight blue.

5. Deep Royal Teal

Most blues are much too cool for fall, and green is much too springy (zombie nail art excluded). However, deep teal is the perfect mix of blue-green to juxtapose autumn’s soft reds and oranges.

6. Soft Reds

Soft reds and soft autumnal oranges play like neutrals on the nail pallet this year.

Classic Deep Red – Classic deep red hardly ever goes out of trend, and during the fall is when it truly shines. Bright blood reds and deep poison apple reds are all the rage. This ripe and luscious color will stay on trend as winter begins to ring in the Christmas cheer.

7. Opaque Neutrals

Opaque neutrals aren’t just for spring anymore. Soft earthy neutrals like sandstone and milk chocolate act as buffers for this year’s soft reds and oranges.

8. Bright White

There is a new neutral on the fall nail trend scene — white. Stark bright white and it’s crisp neutral emptiness has become a huge trend this fall. A color normally reserved for spring and summer has infiltrated the autumnal color trends and is single-handedly proving that you can enjoy wearing white after Labor Day.

9. Chunky Glitter

Bright and chunky glitters are coming into the spotlight after a lengthy summer break this year and bringing an air of flirty and fun into the quickly fading fall. We think you’ll see these chunky glitters stick around through the new year, taking on the latest colors trends one piece of glitter at a time!

10. Holographic

Metallically holographic nail polish is a growing autumn trend. You’ll find this polish style infiltrating almost every color or color combination you can find. Holographic nails have a seemingly magical way of reflecting the entire rainbow of the color spectrum. These rainbows are created by a mix of particles that reflect light differently, creating a holographic look.

In conclusion, no matter which direction you head with your autumnal nails, this year’s fall trends give us some brand new colors and an incredible amount of versatility, all while checking off the boxes for pumpkin spice inspired hues and color schemes.