How to Make Your First Apartment in Dubai Feel Like Home

Buying your first apartment in Dubai is something to be proud of. With a property that you can call your own and an address in one of the most prestigious cities in the world, it is an accomplishment that you should be happy about.

Purchasing an apartment for sale in Business Bay, or anywhere along Sheikh Zayed Road though, is only the first step to having the ideal abode in Dubai. To complete the process of owning a flat, you have to make it feel like home and enjoy living here.

Below are some tips for making your apartment in Dubai feel like home and love every minute of staying here:

1. Stay organised

Although you are in a rush to have everything in its place in your new home, you may end up tiring yourself out and making plenty of decorating mistakes if you unpack just any box and start organising them.

Once you have moved into your new apartment, you will do well to stay organised. This means unpacking your things one room at a time.

Since you need a comfy place to sleep on your first night in your new home, unpack the boxes that contain all bedroom essentials. Bring out your blankets or duvet, pillows and pillowcases, and favourite bedsheet.

If you want your bedroom to evoke feelings of warmth and comfort immediately, you can also take out your reading lamp, framed photos, and your favourite books.

After fixing your bed, you can start bringing out the items you need to cook and eat. Get one or two plates, drinking glasses, utensils, and pots or pans so you can prepare and enjoy a meal, especially if you don’t want to order takeaway or have food delivered to your home.

Once you have all your essentials out, continue unpacking one room at a time. Whether you finish your bedroom or kitchen first, select only one area and avoid moving on to the next until you have completed organising and designing the first one.

2. Improve lighting

Lighting, both natural and artificial, is a powerful element that can make your apartment feel warmer and more comfortable – things that you need to enjoy living in your new home.

Start by letting in more sunlight into your home. Open your curtains or blinds during the day. If your draperies are too dark, consider changing them with lighter-coloured ones.

Interior design experts say that in addition to the ceiling light, you will do well to have at least three more lighting sources that create zones in rooms. They can either be task or decorative lighting. This means adding a lamp to your side table, a standing lamp in the corner of your bedroom, and string lights around your dresser.

Lastly, to achieve that warm, homey feeling in your flat, consider getting compact fluorescent light bulbs that produce gentle light.

3. Add area rugs

Area rugs serve several functions in interior design. With the right type and style, you can complete and enhance the look of a room.

Moreover, area rugs can warm up any space nicely. If your apartment has tiled or hardwood flooring, this feature can make stepping on the floor more comfortable.

Aside from adding area rugs around your bed, place one under your living room table and another underneath the dining table. Doing so ties the space properly and adds a layer to it.

4. Dress up the walls

A blank wall can make any room feel cold and impersonal. As such, make it a priority to decorate these surfaces as soon as possible.

Hang some framed art pieces that express your style and personality on your walls. If you already have a collection, consider creating a gallery wall.

If you need to shop for or add more framed pieces, choose ones that come in series so you can have several at a time. If you want to be whimsy, look for eccentric and unique prints, paintings or photos that catch your eye.

5. Stimulate your sense of smell

What you smell in your new apartment in Dubai can also help you feel at home faster. This is because scents can evoke more memories, which can make you feel more at ease and comfy in your flat.

Light your favourite scented candles or burn essential oils whenever you arrive home. Display your potpourri, similar to the one you had in your previous kitchen. Add plants to your décor or cut flowers that give off the scents you have always loved.

Lastly, make use of your kitchen, too. Cook your favourite dishes and bake your favourite pastries. The smell coming from these treats won’t fail to make you relax and feel right at home.

6. Include sentimental items

Your most personal possessions can function as your security blanket in your new home. As such, display your portraits and photos of your loved ones as soon as possible.

Don’t forget to bring out the other items that have great sentimental value. Display the figurines and vases your relatives gave you. If you got a set of dining ware as a going-away present, use those too.

You won’t go wrong with using the bedding that was given to you by your family.

Keep in mind that if you surround yourself with both new and old items, you can help make your flat feel more like yours.

7. Decorate your apartment based on your style

Finally, whether you are using your old decorations or new ones or combining both, don’t forget to consider your style and taste in dressing up your new apartment.

Although you want to make your flat attractive and homey as soon as possible, try to avoid rushing out and buying the most affordable items you see. Put some thought into the pieces you get to ensure they match your overall decor scheme and style and also reflect your taste.

If you buy ones that do not fit with the rest of your belongings and items you want to get but haven’t purchased yet, they will feel out of place. You may even end up not using them at all.

Before you purchase anything, go online to look at your options and imagine if they will go well with the overall style of your new home.

After investing in a luxury apartment for sale in Dubai, feel more comfortable and secure living in it as soon as possible by following these tips.