10 Things to Do After Your Wedding is Over

You walked down the aisle, danced the night away at the reception and will now spend the rest of your life with the person you love. Things seem pretty great right now. All that is left is to pay all the wedding rentals in Austin you used to make your wedding a reality. However, before you take it easy, there are a few things you want to make sure you do in the first few days or weeks after the wedding.

  • Have your wedding dress cleaned if you want to keep it as a memento.
  • Open all the gifts and send out all the thank you notes. In general, it is common courtesy to send these letters within the first year of the marriage.
  • Change your name if you plan on taking your husband’s last name.
  • Do something with all the wedding décor, whether that means recycling or giving them to a friend who will marry in the near future.
  • Return everything you purchased for the wedding but did not end up using, so you can get your money back.
  • Take down your wedding website so that you do not end up paying extra administration fees.
  • Look at the gifts you received and purchase anything else you still need for your new home.
  • Exchange or return any unwanted wedding gifts. You should not worry about hurting anyone’s feelings.
  • Post a review on Yelp for your wedding furniture rental so that other couples know who to turn to.
  • Order your wedding album, which you should get through the photographer.

After the wedding, your first thoughts are likely on the honeymoon.
However, there is some work to get done, and after that, you can focus on wedded bliss. After all, you do not want to delay sending out all those thank you cards. Find a rental company online today if you are still in the planning stages so that you can focus on other matters.