Experiences You Must Not Miss While You are in San Jose

San Jose is a modern example of work and plays culture. With amazing sight scenes, it is one of the hotspots for tourists visiting the country of the United States of America. Though the city houses the famous Silicon Valley, it has plenty of places to explore and visit if you are not so experienced about the country, then here is an article for you are listing the things to do in San Jose.

Santa Cruz Mountains

If you are a nature lover, here is your top priority. Visit the amazing and the rugged Santa Cruz Mountains and go on a long drive with your friends and family. The city is beautiful with these mountains and numerous beaches.

While the beaches are a little crowded during certain times, they cannot be given a miss for their undeniable beauty. Spend a day at the beaches to feel liberated. If you have friends with you, you can go surfing and swimming with them or simply enjoy basking in the warm sun by yourself.

Alum Rock Park

Enjoy nature at its best at this American park. With the greenery around the Diablo Mountain Range, it should never be given a miss by the tourists. The mineral springs here are a hot favorite for everyone as it is a rare sight to witness. The bonus for tourists here is that you do not have to purchase in any kind of tickets to enter the park as it is free for one and all.

San Jose Museum of Art

If you are an art lover, this should be in your bucket list of things to do in San Jose. The collection is wide and vivid, stretching over fifty long years. Spend your day here with your friends and family and get to know more about art in this amazing tourist attraction of the city.

Happy Hollow Park and Zoo

If you have kids with you, keep a day aside for them. Take them to this amazing place and make their day full of life and joy. The zoo has an amazing collection of 150 animals, and the kids will have a fantastic time exploring the park.

There are other activities to do here, as well. For example, you can enjoy the puppet show arranged by the members of the park and then settle for a nice little picnic. Utilize this quality time to bond with your near and dear ones in the amazing weather of the place.

If you want to explore more, there are other places to visit in the city as well. For example, you can take a walk across the San Jose flea market or go shopping in Santa Row in San Jose. The place has amazing restaurants as well, so make sure to indulge in the most exquisite cuisines of the country. The city is filled with warm and loving people, so do not hesitate to mix with the locals to get a better taste of their culture.