10 Things to do before Moving in a New House

Moving is both exciting and stressful. Proper planning is key for a smooth move with minimal problems.

1. Hire a reputable, local moving company.

This first step may be the most important one. Hiring a professional moving company or a local man with a van that you can count on is essential for ensuring that your move is headache-free. While a fair price is important, dependability is also crucial. Get a quote first.

One of the worst complaints you hear about movers is that they cancel or show up late on moving day, which can lead to a disaster for anyone moving on a tight schedule. Before making your decision, check out Google and Facebook reviews to see what people are saying about any moving company you are considering.

2. Complete a change of address form at the post office and notify companies who send you regular mail and bills.

By being proactive and changing your address with all relevant parties, you can avoid lost bills and related late fees. Another possibility to consider is the opportunity for identity thieves to take mail stacked up in your mailbox once you’ve moved out.

3. Notify utility companies, cable and internet providers about your move.

That first day you move into your home, you want to be sure that you are comfortable with all the modern conveniences your family needs. No one wants to get to their new home only to find out the water has not been turned on or that the heat or air conditioner is not working.

4. Measure the rooms and windows in your new home.

One good way to decide what to take to your new home is to see what actually fits. When moving to a larger home, it is likely that some of your old furniture may no longer fit your new living space. Conversely, when downsizing, the oversized sofa you loved ten years ago may no longer work in the smaller floor plan you’ve selected.

5. Declutter your home before moving.

Moving provides the perfect chance to finally go through all of your possessions and sell or donate things that you no longer want or need. By giving yourself plenty of time, you can sell many of your items online or at a moving sale. There is no reason to clutter your new home with junk.

6. Paint or clean your new home before moving in.

When possible, it makes sense to make your new home your own with fresh paint or a thorough cleaning if necessary before moving all of your belongings in. It is much easier to paint or clean an empty house. You may also want to install new carpet or hang your drapes before the big move-in day.

7. Buy plenty of packing supplies.

Boxes, tape, a marker and bubble wrap are all things you will need to safely pack away your worldly possessions. Newspapers can also come in handy for packing some items. When in doubt, buy a little more than you think you’ll need. It is well worth the extra expense so you won’t worry about running out of boxes or tape.

8. Collect free packing supplies to save money.

Remember, you can often acquire free boxes from liquor stores or your favorite grocers. Friends who have recently moved are also typically happy to donate their old boxes for your move.

9. Start the packing process as soon as possible.

You have more possessions than you realize. Packing for an efficient move takes time. The last thing anyone wants is to be frantically packing trinkets and kitchenware at the last minute, worried about not being finished before the movers start loading your boxes in the truck.

Be sure to take the time to label your boxes based on the designated room they belong to. This will make your first few days in your new home much easier.

10. Pack a survival kit.

This box of goodies should have all the most important things you will need right away like toiletries, a first aid kit, cleaning supplies, chargers, laptops, a flashlight, emergency contact numbers, and keys. This box will keep you organized until you can unpack completely.

Posted by Lisa Eclesworth

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